Friday, January 24, 2014

{2013: A Year of Outfits}

I know, I know...we're almost a whole month into 2014 and I'm stuck on 2013. I'm a little slow, okay? 


I've been doing outfit posts for a little over a year now. Insane! 

While it's at times wayyy out of my comfort zone, it's a blast to go back and look at the different outfits over the past year! 

It's fun to see how our photography has changed and how much we have learned. The struggle for the perfect lighting is always the most frustrating thing, especially when it's getting dark at 5:30 but we're getting the hang of it! 

I definitely am not an expert in this whole fashion post thing, but I would say just be confident in yourself, practice a lot, don't be afraid to look stupid, take your flippin' hand off your hip...please, don't take yourself too seriously, and have fun! 

These aren't in order by any means, but enjoy the little trip down my fashion memory lane!

See...hand on hip...dumb dumb dumb!

This isn't all of them...but the majority! A lot of outfits, and far more than ever got shot. Sometimes the five minutes it takes to shoot an outfit doesn't happen. 

On a side note, fashion posts are one of my biggest hits on the blog...right behind my "I'm crazy posts" like this one, this one, and this one

I'm not quite sure I want this to turn into a fashion blog. I started this to document our lives. And I'm for sure not a fashionista by any means. 

But I'd love to hear: what are your favorite posts to read? 

Fashion, house stuff, what we're up to, DIY projects? I'm in the midst of updating the blog and would love my reader's opinions! 


  1. I love your fashion posts! You look so cute in all of these photos. I love your style because you wear real, not given to you by a company, clothes. I love your house posts too because I love seeing what you and Wendel are doing to update/change it.

    1. I know isn't it so annoying to see the fashion bloggers and all of their c/o clothes. Thanks for the comment!