Monday, April 29, 2013

{The Oh So Very Dramatic Saturday}

Happy Monday Everyone! 

Wendel and I had quite the weekend...busy...and slightly dramatic :) 

So for Wendel's birthday, he got a gun. 

Hold off the judgement...let me explain! 

Wendel is all about making sure everyone is okay. Anything he can do to make sure you are happy/comfortable/safe he will. So having a way to keep me and our family safe was very important to him! Our gun is very safely kept in our house out of reach of kids, in a password locked safe, with the magazine in a different location than the gun. Very safe, but accessible if necessary. 

Neither of us plan on carrying, but we wanted to go through the Carry and Conceal of a Deadly Weapon {CCDW} course to learn about the safety and legality of owning a gun. 

The CCDW couples is an 8 hour course and we took it this Saturday. 

It consisted of lots of video's/training/demonstration followed by a written test and then a shooting test. 

I was nervous. Before Saturday I had NEVER shot a gun. Probably should have done that in retrospect but coulda/shoulda/woulda, right? 

Anyhoo...sat through the course {with lots of caffeine}, actually learned a lot, took the test, aced that and we were off to the range. 

Oh yeah...we had a little picnic lunch half way through...a "work day" on a Saturday is no fun...but being with the husface made it better! 

Okay so let me tell you how this whole shindig went down! 

Wendel and I were sharing a gun so we had to be in different groups for the shooting test. We got to the range early for our shooting times thinking that we would have PLENTY of time to go over everything and calm me down. 

Oh no...

We get there and they needed one more person in the group so they send me down. 

I'm in a panic and I fumble to get everything in place the ammo in the magazine and get ready. 

My form was horrible {as you can see in this picture} but my first shot was right in the head. Sweet...dude who is taking my baby is dead...I pass right? Nope, you have to get 11 out of 20 shots in the blue area to pass. No problem, right? 

Well then our gun started to every other shot jam. 

{turns out Wendel probably hadn't used the right cleaning stuff so it wasn't lubricated enough}

With every jam, I got more and more nervous. At this point I had hit 7 out of 10 in the blue but then every other shot was jamming and I wasn't hitting the blue. I was freaking out, tears were forming, and I was shaking. I was down to my last five shots and I had to get three of them. 

Needless to say...I didn't get them. 

Yup...then came the for real tears. I am the FIRST ever person to fail the course. Yes sir...proud to be that statistic. To make matters worse everyone around me {like 20 other people} are just staring at me and then I had to go and clean my gun. Again...I had never done this either {yes...I know...I should have practiced everything!} Many more tears came because everyone is staring at me and all I wanted to do was get in the car and sniffle my way through the rest of my strawberry lemonade  But no...I had to finish cleaning the gun and assemble the gun back front of a bunch of people. 

Still crying... 

Anyhoo...I get to go back and re-shoot to be certified. They were very sweet and knew that I wasn't going to be able to shoot again that day being so upset so I'm going to try to get that figured out here soon! 

Pretty pitiful looking, right?

Wendel passed though...

And this thing now lays on our front stairs so if anyone comes in they see what will happen to them... 

So we got home, more tears happened, but I got myself up, took a bubble bath, got ready, and asked Wendel to take me on a date to which he said "nothing would make me happier"

Best. Husband. Ever. 

We headed to our favorite, York Street Cafe, for burgers and relaxation! 

Again...the kid can't be "normal"...

I cried so much that my contacts just weren't happening, so I got to bust out my new Tory Burch glasses! 

Ya'll York Street has the BEST burgers...and for $12 with a's pure heaven! 

York Street Cafe is like a restaurant inside an antique store, inside an old pharmacy...I kid you not! 

We love playing I-Spy in here looking for the more random things! I just happened to be sitting next to the camera/typewriter collection that night.

Then we headed to the Levee for a movie! 

Let's just pray our kids get my dainty nose and now his honker :) Love you honey! 

Side Tory's that my in-laws gave me for my birthday in November started unraveling and so I sent them back and they sent me a brand new pair! These are my only pair and I'm OBSESSED! They're so comfortable! 

We adore our city for real! It's perfect! 

I love the Levee in the spring/summer. People eating ice cream and drinking coffee outside...

And awesome performers like this dancing statue dude! 

So while our Saturday was a tad dramatic, it ended perfectly! Snuggled up to my husband, after a perfect date night, talking about taking our kids to the Levee one day, praying they are as cool as some of the little kids that were break dancing with the performer. 

Please Lord...make the future Wendel's cooler than their parents...pretty please?


  1. It's ok! If it makes you feel better, when I took my concealed carry class, 1/3 of the class failed the field test! And with your first time shooting, it's not that bad :) By looking at your stance, I'll tell you to lean your upper body into your shot more, instead of back on your heels. You should be on the balls of your feet. That will help you stay steady with your follow-through, therefore helping your aim :) And the more you shoot, the more you're around guns, the more comfortable you'll feel. And thank you for taking the proper precautions to store your weapon-I think there would be lot less problems in the world if people did that. Oh, and make sure you're using a gun that's good for you. Alex has bigger hands than you, so the gun might be too big for both of you. What kind is it?

    1. Yeah after looking at pictures, I could tell that my stance was a big problem! We have a Beretta PX4 {compact not full size} which feels fine in my hands, but maybe you're's too big. We're going to head to the shooting range soon to practice! Thanks for the support :)