Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{A Master Bedroom Mood Board}

So after working on our office, Wendel and I are having fun dreaming about our master bedroom!

We are wanting to do a few things to update our room for as inexpensive as possible.

I thought I might as well write a little post about what we're thinking about currently, and I'll update along the way!

So meet our Master Bedroom Mood Board!

{I'm proud, I'm finally figuring our Photoshop...this is very basic...but I'm a proud mama!} 

First off, the background is the color we are considering switching too. It's weird because this color looks more grey online, but the color in a room looks a lot of beige. 

We love our blue, but there are a bunch of dings in the walls. We are going to try to touch it up, but if that doesn't work, then we are going totally different! Something neutral that will last a long time! 

Here's what the color looks like in a room. 

It's shale by Benjamin Moore. 

Now onto our inspiration! 

1. Dark Wood Headboard 

We are loving our desk in the office, so we are considering making a dark stained wood headboard. A very inexpensive option, that we think will really stand out. 

2. DIY Dust Ruffle 

For some reason, we cannot find a rush ruffle that is the right height for our bed. They are always way too long, which drives me nuts! So I'm thinking about making my own the Velcros around the edge of the mattress. I'll defiantly give you all of the details when we make our decision! 

3. Burlap Art

This is a totally random thing for us, but I have SO much burlap left over from a Thanksgiving project last year. I have been dying to use it, but I'm thinking about some type of burlap art piece with some family pictures. We'll see! 

4. New, Bright Curtains

We already have this fabric in our home, ready to be sewn into curtains. We ordered some blinds that pull down and up easily and are as black out as possible {Wendel is a vampire and likes it to be pitch black when we sleeps!}So then we will be make some cute little curtains with this fabric, and maybe a pillow or two. 

These are the colors we're going with to "pop" in our bedroom. 

5. An Accent Wall 

We want one of our walls to really pop in our bedroom, so we are considering this architectural detail on the wall that our bed is on. 

I'm a little worried it will be too much with the dark headboard, so we'll see what we finally end up with! 

So here we go! This is what we're dreaming about. So we'll see what we finally end up with! 

Like I said, we will update you along the way!! 

Anyone else ponder and grab inspiration before you update a room? Or do you just jump in? Give me all of our room updating details! 

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