Monday, October 6, 2014

{Sorry Friends...I'm A Slacker...Again}

Hey Friends! 

So sorry I'm slacking! 

This new school year is ticking my toochie! 

On top of that Wendel is in his last semester of his masters, so we're not really getting many projects completed...womp womp.

I've actually had some super cute outfits recently, but we've been slacking with that camera. 

Honestly...I haven't even picked it up in a while.

And actually, I don't really have many pictures on my phone either!

It's kind of been a break from social media kind of time...and I'm pretty okay with it. 

Ya'll truly, this is a great thing for me! 

I used to stress about getting three posts a week ready, so the fact that I'm showing myself some grace is a huge step for me! 

I'm such a letting myself take naps and relax is a wonderful thing! 

So pretty much I'm here to say...go me! 

Keep up the slacking?

Nope...I'll get back into the rhythm...don't worry friends!  

In the mean are a few pictures from a few weeks ago.

Wendel and I were invited to go to the Cincinnati Zoo's big black tie gala called Zoo Fari

It's a fun excuse to get all dressed up and have a night out on the town!

I'm pretty sure that forever I'll look like an old lady and Wendel will always looks like he did in high school...why do women always looks so much older than their husbands? Oh well...rant over :) 

I wore the same dress I wore to my friend Terra's wedding, but it was coldddddd that night, so I just added a blazer! I'm super cold it's actually ridiculous! 

Anyone seen Rio? "Pretty bird, pretty bird, I'm a pretty bird"...anyone?

Talk to you soon friends...well hopefully soon!