Saturday, May 31, 2014

{Getting Schooled...In Tile}

As you are reading...we're probably tiling. 

Hopefully it's going well...fingers crossed! 

I wanted to share a little bit about our fun little class we took at The Tile Shop

When we were picking out tile, and Nick {sweetest man ever} said they did classes on Saturday mornings, Wendel and I jumped at the opportunity! 

A free class showing you exactly what you need to do to be successful at installing your own tile?

Yup...sign me up! 

We arrive bright and early with coffee in hand ready to learn! 

Nick helped to teach us the basics of tiling, the number one most important: laying out your tile first. 

Never ever would have thought to do that. I would have just jumped right into it and got started. 

And been a sad Lelia...

So as your reading...that's probably what we're doing. 

Laying out our tile and getting ourselves all prepared! 

We were even able to get into the action and lay some tile ourselves! 

I feel so much better going into our tiling adventure having a little bit of knowledge in our back pockets. 

Now it's time to get down to business! 

Hopefully I'll have a pretty post ready for you Monday...if all goes well :) 

Have a fabulous weekend! 

Friday, May 30, 2014

{Second Blogiversary}

I know I promised a bar update today, but I totally forgot about my second blogiversary! 

It was actually on May 23rd {blogger fail} and I had plans to do a huge giveaway and reveal my new blog re-design...well that obviously didn't happen. 

So whenever the re-design gets finished {Dear Lord, will it ever be finished?} I'll host a giveaway and do a serious happy dance while eating a ginormous cupcake! 

In the mean time, I had some pictures taken {for the blog re-design...I had high hopes people} by the ever-so-talented Tabitha at Burning Chair Photography! She's incredibly talented, so fun to shoot with, and was patient with my car full of props!

I have more gorgeousness from Tabitha to share next week for our third wedding anniversary! 
Ya'll...I'm in love with them and tear up a bit when I look at them. 

So sit back and enjoy some woodsy pretty-ness! 

I really wanted to play with some get a little messy. I think I'm still finding glitter in my hair! 

I wanted a good picture of Wendel by himself for the "About" page for the blog. He's my photographer, so I wanted to highlight him. 

Plus he's just super handsome and studly and I need to show than hunk of mine off! 

We meant to bring our good camera so Tabitha could take pictures of Wendel taking pictures of read that correct. But we dropped the ball. We had a car full of props...and I didn't remember the one prop I really needed! Oh well...the cell phone did the job. 

However, in fact, Wendel does NOT take my outfit photos with a cell phone. We use a Nixon D3100 for anyone who is wondering. 

Thank you all so much for supporting this blog of mine. It is an incredible outlet, and I've met so many amazing people through it. Do I want it to grow...yes! Do I wish I could make a little money doing it...yes! But all of that in time, right? And for's just really fun and a great opportunity to document memories! 

Hey will ya'll do me a favor? Let me know which picture if your favorite! I need to pick one for...can you guess it...the blog be honest. What's your favorite? 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

{Big Mama Basement Resource List}

I've been getting lots of e-mails/questions about where I purchased things in our basement, so I thought I'd do one mega resource list.
It took a while, but I think I've found mostly everything! 

Here we go! 

Couch: Ikea {we painted the legs with Valspar's pre-mixed in stock brown}
Fireplace Built in Cabinets: Concord In-Stock Cabinets from Lowe's{We scored them 20% off}
Cabinet Counter Top: DIY'd with Rust-Oleum's Kona stain
Deer Head: Target {old} {similar} {similar}
Mantle: Lowe's {can't find online}
Cabinetry Knobs: Lowe's 
White Shelves: DIY'd

Coffee Table: Ikea {we have big plans for this puppy though}
8x10 Rug: Home Goods {we scored ours for $150 but here is a link to the real thing}
Light Fixture: Lowe's {similar or exact...I can't quite tell haha}
Ikea Toys On Coffee Table:  here, here, and here
Ikea pink flowers and white pot: here and here
Wooden Tray: Target {similar}
Curtains: Ikea 
Curtain Rod: Ikea {rod, brackets, ends}

Green Plants: Ikea
White Flower Pots: Ikea
Silver Circle: Target
White Dog: Home Goods/TJ Maxx {I got mine for $12 but here is another resource}
Yellow Vase: Target
Gold Dragonfly: Target
Things That Are Awesome Art Piece: Etsy
Frame For Art Piece: Amazon

Few...I'm exhausted! Let me know if I forgot anything! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{A Big Basement Update}

Who's ready for an over 25 picture update all about the progress of our basement?

Oh you do? 

Well great...because it's about to get real! 

Okay, first off...I have the HARDEST time getting quality pictures of the inside of our house! It's the most frustrating thing! 

But's the best I could do for right now! 

The basement has come a long way! We'll eventually do a before/after post, but for now you can check out some of the progress from the beginning of our renovation here.

This is what we are looking like as of yesterday! 

If you're curious about links to things from the basement, I'm going to be working on a big mama resource link post so be on the lookout for that soon! 

This is our weekend project, working on tiling the back-splash for the bar! 

Those tiles were just displayed there so family could see this weekend...FYI.

We'll give you more details on our bar makeover on Friday! 

We built this simple little ladder {in about three hours from start to finish} to hang blankets using this tutorial. 

Here's a different angle which shows me how much I need to iron out those dang slipcovers! 

The door on the left is to the bathroom, and the sliding doors goes out to our sun-room that is under DIY "construction" as we speak! 

This rug is one of my favorite parts of the basement! It was a Home Goods find that we scored for $150! It really adds that pop that every room needs!

Wendel did such an amazing job building these frustrating shelves that were much more difficult than we anticipated. We still need to add molding to the front and left sides of the shelves, but I'm thrilled with them!  

This is a good shot of how rough the front of these are...some simple molding will fix that right up! 

I got this piece of art work called "Things That Are Awesome" for Christmas from Wendel and I am obsessed! Sometimes I just sit and look through all of the so fun! 

We have a big piece of art work planned to cover the electrical box that involves a breathtaking picture of our favorite city! You can actually get a sneak peek at the picture because it's sitting on the top of the cabinets on the other side of the fireplace! 

And here's the basement bedroom AKA the "holding" room as of this moment.

The love seat is actually my sister's that will be gone soon because we have a bed going down there in the near if we ever get pregnant...ever...jeze! Or if we have a guest coming to stay with us...whichever comes first :) 

The chevron rug is for the sunroom, the table to the left is our old coffee table from upstairs that I have a big project planned for, and that wooden pole...well...

That's a soon-to-be tee-pee for the sunroom! I can't even tell you how excited I am for this! I'm working with my mom on this project, but I'll tell you...the kiddos are already excited about it and have been playing under it already! 

Oh and yes...we have a lot of art work! They will find homes soon I'm sure! 

This corner is filled with pillows that I've collected. When I find a pillow for under $10 a grab it knowing I'll find a cover for it sometime! These will soon be wrapped in gorgeous pillow covers from Castaway Cove Decor for the basement couch and sun-room daybed! They're being made as I type...hopefully! 

Here's a little sneak peek at the sun-room! We have our tile all ready to be laid, but first we have to work on that may see some of the remnants on the floor :) 

The bathroom also got a new little storage vanity from Target {scored it on sale this weekend for under $100!}

The chalkboard is actually an antique that was in my bedroom growing up! 

We need some major "love" in this area! 

We already have a mirror to put up, and we also need a light fixture, and some art work as well! And an outlet cover too....a simple day project that will make a HUGE impact in this room! 

The wall behind the toilet will eventually be all covered in pretty stained wood...eventually! 

We have plans to build a bar height table that will be about 12-15 inches deep for people to sit and eat at, or to hold appetizers for parties. 

We are trying to be super intentional about every single space in this basement, and it's helping us to get super creative in the process! 

We're also looking for a low sofa table for behind the couch...easier said than done! 

We have plans for a magnetic, chalk board on this wall for the kids to draw on! 

The chest is not holding a body...don't worry! It's holding the giant Jenga set Wendel's parents made for his birthday which turned into a massive building set for the kids this weekend! Dual purposes...we love that!  

So wow...are you overhwlemed? 

I'll be honest, our heart is so full! We've saved up and spent so many hours{and hard earned moola} in this basement and it felt incredible to lay downstairs this weekend and enjoy our hard work. 

Yes we have more projects and plans...but that's just us! We love DIYing and feel weird if we don't have something going on. 

I'm sure it's a way for us to work through our infertility struggles, but we just figure that one day, the basement will be a blessing to us and our future family...and that makes it all worth it! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

{Memorial Day}

Here's a little photo recap of our Memorial Day/Pool Opening Party! 

Wendel and I are going to have a chill morning, then we're headed to enjoy some time with family at the lake! 

Have a fabulous and safe day!