Tuesday, May 6, 2014

{Slacker McSlackerson}

Hey Friends!

My name is Slacker McSlakerson...and I forgot to post on Friday AND Monday!

This weekend was completely nuts and I went to bed at 8:30 Sunday night...real life ya'll!

The biggest "woo hoo" of this past weekend was that Wendel ran his second marathon!

He ran The Flying Pig in 2012, but didn't get to run it in 2013 because of some knee troubles from our wreck just weeks after his first marathon.

He's always been a runner, so he was super excited to run another!

I, for one, think he's nuts...but I'm always a proud wife and try to support him as much as I can!

Here we are at 5:45 am....ya'll...5:45 am sucks! Just sayin'...

Here's our marathon "pro" tip...a big obnoxious balloon. 

It helps your runner find you in all of the crazy crowds! 

{our balloon just happened to start deflating 10 minutes after we bought it...so frustrating! But it  did it's job and then at mile 18 gave up and went up to be in heaven} 

My sweet father-in-law who was in charge of the balloon...I usually had a banana and ibuprofen in hand just in case Wendel needed it as he ran past us.  

And as you can see...that darn balloon was barely hanging on! 

Yes...my husband is the one who looks like he's just peachy while running a marathon...and eating a banana....at the same time.

Got to hang out with Mr. Big Boy himself while waiting for Wendel at mile 18! 

And here he is about to cross the finish line...best picture I could snap while screaming my head off and making sure that he in fact wasn't going to die.

So proud of this man of mine! 

Don't mind my tacky cell phone in pocket weirdness...dumb phone and it's attachment abilities! 


I'm so thankful to have these people follow Wendel alongside of me. His parents are just the most supportive people, and I love being around them so that's a bonus!

To be honest, I'm always pretty nervous the entire time, so having them drive me around to see him is pretty much the biggest blessing ever! They navigate and keep my mind off the fact that people have died running marathons...

It was a gorgeous day, and we were able to spend time with friends and family afterwards at our house! 

So that was about 10% of our weekend...we have a pretty big change in our house to share on Wednesday which just happened to involve a booty load of painting all last week! 

Just need to do some more styling then snap some photos and we'll be ready to go! 

Have a fabulous Tuesday!  


  1. How fun! I live in Cincinnati, and Flying Pig time is so fun. I ran the Little Kings Mile on Friday, because I am also not a fan of running 26.2 miles! Congrats to your husband!

    Suppose Anything Goes

    1. Awesome! I really want to push myself and run something...maybe a 5K...I probably should just sign up for something so I don't have an excuse :) Thanks for reading!