Saturday, May 31, 2014

{Getting Schooled...In Tile}

As you are reading...we're probably tiling. 

Hopefully it's going well...fingers crossed! 

I wanted to share a little bit about our fun little class we took at The Tile Shop

When we were picking out tile, and Nick {sweetest man ever} said they did classes on Saturday mornings, Wendel and I jumped at the opportunity! 

A free class showing you exactly what you need to do to be successful at installing your own tile?

Yup...sign me up! 

We arrive bright and early with coffee in hand ready to learn! 

Nick helped to teach us the basics of tiling, the number one most important: laying out your tile first. 

Never ever would have thought to do that. I would have just jumped right into it and got started. 

And been a sad Lelia...

So as your reading...that's probably what we're doing. 

Laying out our tile and getting ourselves all prepared! 

We were even able to get into the action and lay some tile ourselves! 

I feel so much better going into our tiling adventure having a little bit of knowledge in our back pockets. 

Now it's time to get down to business! 

Hopefully I'll have a pretty post ready for you Monday...if all goes well :) 

Have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. Good luck!! We probably should have taken a tile class before we did out backsplash... ;)

    1. Yeah I'm so thankful we took the class! It came in handy today! Can't wait to share the after pictures :)