Friday, May 9, 2014

{Friday Five: Outside Inspiration}

Hey Friends! Happy Friday! 

I hope your week has been great. It's been super warm here, so we started the process of getting the pool all ready for the season last night. Now it's just time to get the chemicals all evened out, and we'll be ready to go! 

So I thought it would be fun to share some of my outdoor entertaining/decorating inspiration for this season. Enjoy! 

1. Outdoor Movies

We have a projector, so we have done a few movies outside, but this year I'm hoping to get the whole setting up process down to a science so it's not such an ordeal. Hopefully it will look this cute too! 

2. Giant Jenga

Wendel's parents actually crossed this off our list. They gave us a giant Jenga set similar to this for his birthday this year, so we can't wait to bust that out and have some fun with it! 

3. Fancy Cooler

Yes...a fancy cooler. We usually use a galvanized tub for drinks around the pool, but this would be awesome! We have seen them at Home Goods for around $130, so we're going to price it out and see if it's less expensive to make it, or just buy one! 

4. Homemade TeePee

I'm still drooling over making a teepee...I know it's ridiculous...but I just think they're so darn cute! 

5. Floral Crowns

This has nothing to do with anything really...but when you're riding a horse on the beach, the only obvious thing to bring with you is a floral crown...right? All joking aside, she's gorgeous and I adore her style!

Have a great weekend! 

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