Thursday, September 27, 2012

{Real Life...}

So life has been nuts! For real! 

I have so many things to share, but just don't have the time {or patience} to write a post about them!

So I thought I'd be real with ya'll and show you what our house currently look like due to the following things...

- DIY projects that have't really been put away

- Half decorating for fall. 

- Mid-pool closing madness

- A bunch of things for our big paint/floor redo coming up... 

Check it's embarrassing! 

A Christmas project that I'll be featuring in the near future! 

Stuff that needs to go to mom/fall decorations that haven't gotten up/randomness that I put places...

The office is a disaster with master bedroom stuff! We decide to nix the TV from the we need to fun a spot for this puppy. 

Our ironing board is the location for the xbox, a shirt that needs to be ironed, left over fabric, and paperwork that needs to be filed...need to put things away! 

These fill almost every wall in our home...ahh the love of picking the "perfect" paint color! 

The tarp that we used to cover our bed while painting has been like this on the back porch for...a while now...

Yes...those are some mats that we use to protect out feet from the hot deck...that are now floating in the pool...lovely...

In the background, there is some left over wood from the Dress Up box Wendel made for my classroom...almost a month ago...

These pool things have been here for WEEKS...why they haven't gotten to where they're supposed to go is beyond me! 

So pretty much we're living in my own personal hell! I hate having mess/clutter, and need to get on the ball! Soon enough! 

Sorry I'm majorly slacking on the blog front...I'll figure this whole working/major DIY projects/blogging thing out soon enough! 

Side note...made this low calorie lasagna soup tonight and it was DELICIOUS! 

Oh! And Wendel and I are going to May...we got our little book today and I.Can't.Wait! 

Okay! Be back tomorrow with an outfit post all about my favorite teacher looks for fall! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

{So Much On My Mind Saturday}

So my super cute and talented friend Katie Derrick does this cute thing every now and then where she does a post with all things that are on her mind. 

So while we're watching the Auburn game...I'm going to copy off of her :) 

These are a few things that are flying through my brain 1 million miles a second! 

1. I've been a terrrrible blogger this week! But I've done some way cute things with my kiddos so that makes up for it right? 

2. We just now painted the first coat in our master bedroom and I'm loving it! 

3. I think we found the color for our main living areas/kitchen...mmm....paint...

4. We have all of our windows open and It.Is.Awesome. 

5. We had marriage counselling today and I kind of love the two couples we work with! One of the couples had the most incredible DIY wedding invitations that I was embassasingly gushing over...check out how they did it on Emily's blog

6. Just had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season...and drank it while listening to a good ole' country concert in our town's amphitheater! So fallish and amazing! 

7. I use way way way too many exclamation points and you're just going to have to love me for it!!!!!!

8. My four year old niece is going around and telling everyone I'm pregnant...and I'm not...but she's determined I am. 

9. We have ANOTHER family photo shoot tomorrow...what can I say? Our family loves pictures! You can check out our latest photos taken over Memorial Day {yes...just three and a half months ago}  right after our wreck {photo shoot while on brueno!} 

10.  I'm so excited about all of our home reno stuff/fun things for school that I can hardly sleep anymore... caffeine is so necessary in my life right now! 

That's all for now! I've got some fun stuff coming up so stay tuned and hopefully I'll be a better blogger this week :) 

Monday, September 17, 2012

{A "Simple" Touch Up}

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Because this is kind of a shortish post...I thought I'd share a little "what we did this weekend" update! 

Friday night we had a lazy night in! I made this crock pot chicken noodle soup {holy good}, some corn muffins and these pumpkin bars {I substituted the oil for applesauce to make it a little more healthy and they were delicious!} and we watched Footloose with our Apple Pie candle burning...hello amazing start to the weekend! 

Saturday we did some yard work {planted some mums...eee} and THEN we had a fun little master bedroom dilemma...more on that in a moment. 

Saturday night, I got the pleasure of helping my sweet niece get ready for her homecoming! 

Such a cute dress right? And Gorgeous girl!

I know I live in Kentucky, but I swear I have shoes on in this picture. They're gold and I guess just blend in. But at first glance, I was like " forgot shoes!" 

Two years in a row I've gotten to help her get ready! Loving this time with her while she still values my opinion :) But also living a little vicariously through her fun! 

So now on to the fun of our master bedroom-ness. Remember we're slowly updating our "master" bedroom. 

So it all started out with a simple project...

Putting up new blinds/curtains. 

Simple enough, right? 

So we took down the old curtains...

And the curtain rod holders, and put up the new blinds... 

Here are the blinds are pulled down. They are the nice kind that just slide up and down with no pull string. It's the little things in life, right? 

Then we were left with these little spots...

And we had a few dings like this throughout the room from moving furniture around and such...

So we spackled and sanded...and then we went to get the paint... 

And the bucket was no where to be found! And worst of all...we can't remember the paint color. 

We were going to try and just touch up the spots and see how it looks before completely repainting...

Well that's not going to happen. So shale it is. Hopefully next week I'll have an update and the walls will look something like this beautiful room and we'll have our new {totally awesome} curtains up! Benjamin Moore...pretty! 

Fingers crossed! 

Wasn't the super productive weekend like we expected, but oh well! 

What did ya'll do this weekend? Just football it up or did you get some DIY projects or yard work done? 

Friday, September 14, 2012


The end of summer...then beginning of fall...I call if Fummer. 

It's ironic for multiple reasons because this time of year is kind of a bummer for the clothing department. 

Don't get me wrong...I'm loving it slowly getting cooler, but I just don't know how to dress for this weather! 

It's pretty stinkin' cool when I head out to school, but then it's hot when we get out! Annoying right? 

All I want to do it wear my jeans, sweaters, and boots...but that just can't happen yet. 

I'm also, in general, a skirt/dress lover. I very rarely wear pants in the summer because the thought of something surrounding my legs {specifically shinnies} makes me claustrophobic {weird I know!} 

One my kiddos this week sweetly said "Ms. like skirts a lot don't you!" 

Too cute right, but I'm just ready to get 

So I looked to Pinterest for some inspiration for this strange time of year and this is what I came up with! 

Sorry that I have a pattern of jean bottom/purple sweater in this planned...didn't even realized until I went to look at the pictures. Funny how that happens sometimes right? 

Fummer Look #1

Layers of a tank and sweater with a classic jean skirt. 

Fummer Look #2

A short sleeved sweater with a scarf and my favorite pair of jeans. 

So tell me, what is you go-to look for this time of year? 

Are you holding onto summer and wearing shorts and tanks still? 

Or are you totally fall and wearing your boots and sweaters? 

Fill me in! 

Oh...and happy Friday! 

{Side note on a girl front...why is it that sometimes you just love the way you look and other times your just like "eh"...I'm have an "eh" day today. in the world do all "fashion bloggers" have stick thin's a paradox} 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

{Instagram Overload}

So I'm over the moon in love with my kiddos, and in the middle of some fun home DIY next week I'll have some updates on the Master Bedroom! 

Today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Instagram photos from the past few months. 

If you follow me...sorry...this is boring for you!

If you don't...please do :) 


Go! Thanks! 


A wedding ceremony with two of my nieces...too stinkin' cute in their matching princess dresses! 

A little 7 person bike riding! Cincinnati is awesome! 

The Cincinnati zoo with my sister and three of my nieces! We picked one of the hottest days of the summer to go...lovely! 

Alex and I got to go and see Mumford & Songs in Louisville right before I left for San was such a blast! A little drive, hamburgers, and an amazing concert! And the rain that was expected didn't show up! Extra bonus.  

Our sweet {and oh-so-smart} nephew and his class went to visit Wendel at his family's business National Band & Tag. They make dog tags, so they made one for each child with their names on them! 

My oldest niece just turned 15...what the heck? 

Charley got a hold of my phone one day after I picked him up from school {while getting ice cream I might add}...he's so cute I can hardly stand it! 

Dinner after meeting the parents! Love, love, love my school! 

Wendel is the sweetest! Came home to a sweet note and flowers! This is a pretty regular thing too, I might add! 

A Sunday Funday at Sawyer Point with the family! Picnic and playing around! 

I get to be a "lady who lunches" with these cuties and my mom on Thursdays! Lunch with these two is amazing! They're the cutest! 

Hope you enjoyed that little picture overload! 

Happy Thursday!! 

Tomorrow I have a little outfit post coming your way! Woo hoo! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{The Greatest Classroom On Earth!}

Come One, Come All To The Greatest Classroom On Earth! 

Eee! So excited to be sharing this all with you! We had our first day of school yesterday, and was a blast! 

We sang, danced, giggled, and learned the entire time! I had the best time and was exhausted by the end of my two classes! 

Before I "show you the goods", let me explain to you my class! I teach PreK and I teach two, 2.5 hour classes! Way too little time for me to fit everything I want in...but that's the amazing challenge of it all! 

Needless to say, the day FLIES by and there isn't a moment spared! 

Without further adieu...welcome to our classroom!

Our sweet little wreath! 

I made the pendent bunting, my mom made the curtains, and the poms from an etsy shop, but I can't remember which one! Etsy has tons of pom makers, so pick one! I love me a good pom! 

Right when you walk into our classroom you see our classroom schedule, our behavior chart, and our paint shirts! 

This is the wall that has all of our safety things and our attendance charts! 

This is our classroom bulletin board! 

Yes, they are not straight. And yes it is driving me crazy! But I just haven't taken the time to fix it! All in good time right? 

This is where we will put our art work for the week. 

Week number 1 is the little bluebird you see on the top left hand corner. The wings open to show their picture and on the wings they write two things they love! Too sweet! 

Our calendar time area. Don't let this small area fool you...some big time learning happens here! 

This is our little chart for the kids to know which center they are going to each day! I can't remember where I got these printables! If I find out where, I'll let you know! 

My small group table/desk. Love that I finally have my very own kidney table! I'm obsessed...

This was Wendel's bookcase! I have some room to grow, and then there's the tool box with a lot of our office supplies! Love the organization! 

Here are our rules thanks to Cara Carol

Our dramatic play/house center. I can't wait to fill those walls with colorful anchor charts throughout the year!  

The sweet little dress up box that Wendel made me! Got the inspiration from Pinterest...of course! 

Our storage closet. These doors will be filling with all of the scripture verses we learn throughout the year! Our first two are "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" and "Be kind and loving to one another." 

And here she is all organized and labeled! I went a tab label crazy! 

I wish you could have seen this puppy pre-Lelia! It. Was. Scary! Here's a picture after I had already been working on it! 

It was stuffed full! A tad crazy to say the least! 

I am obsessed with our chevron letters from Cara Carol! That girl knows what she's doing! 

My filing cabinet. This thing is ultra organized...maybe a little OCD organized, but oh well! 

Soooooo pretty! 

This is our bookcase of our letter bins. Every bin is for a different letter and has tons of objects for us to explore that start with that letter.  

Our manipulative bookcase with a little curtain my mom made! 

When the kiddos come in, they go to their hook, put their bag on the hook, and put on their name tag! 

This is only half of my early morning class. There is another wall of hooks for the rest of the kids! 

This is my super mid-morning crew! 

We are also going a timeline! Need to print off pictures from the first day! 

On the first day, I had a few gifts for people! 

Some Raspberry Oatmeal Bars {delicious!} wishing the teachers that there first day was "berry sweet!" 

A cup with some Crystal Light packets for my amazing assistants! 

And some sweet sunglasses to prepare the kiddos for the "bright" year ahead from Cara Carol's Saved By The Bell Packet

First day of school! Loved every second of it! It's going to be an amazing year!