Saturday, September 22, 2012

{So Much On My Mind Saturday}

So my super cute and talented friend Katie Derrick does this cute thing every now and then where she does a post with all things that are on her mind. 

So while we're watching the Auburn game...I'm going to copy off of her :) 

These are a few things that are flying through my brain 1 million miles a second! 

1. I've been a terrrrible blogger this week! But I've done some way cute things with my kiddos so that makes up for it right? 

2. We just now painted the first coat in our master bedroom and I'm loving it! 

3. I think we found the color for our main living areas/kitchen...mmm....paint...

4. We have all of our windows open and It.Is.Awesome. 

5. We had marriage counselling today and I kind of love the two couples we work with! One of the couples had the most incredible DIY wedding invitations that I was embassasingly gushing over...check out how they did it on Emily's blog

6. Just had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season...and drank it while listening to a good ole' country concert in our town's amphitheater! So fallish and amazing! 

7. I use way way way too many exclamation points and you're just going to have to love me for it!!!!!!

8. My four year old niece is going around and telling everyone I'm pregnant...and I'm not...but she's determined I am. 

9. We have ANOTHER family photo shoot tomorrow...what can I say? Our family loves pictures! You can check out our latest photos taken over Memorial Day {yes...just three and a half months ago}  right after our wreck {photo shoot while on brueno!} 

10.  I'm so excited about all of our home reno stuff/fun things for school that I can hardly sleep anymore... caffeine is so necessary in my life right now! 

That's all for now! I've got some fun stuff coming up so stay tuned and hopefully I'll be a better blogger this week :) 

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