Monday, September 17, 2012

{A "Simple" Touch Up}

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Because this is kind of a shortish post...I thought I'd share a little "what we did this weekend" update! 

Friday night we had a lazy night in! I made this crock pot chicken noodle soup {holy good}, some corn muffins and these pumpkin bars {I substituted the oil for applesauce to make it a little more healthy and they were delicious!} and we watched Footloose with our Apple Pie candle burning...hello amazing start to the weekend! 

Saturday we did some yard work {planted some mums...eee} and THEN we had a fun little master bedroom dilemma...more on that in a moment. 

Saturday night, I got the pleasure of helping my sweet niece get ready for her homecoming! 

Such a cute dress right? And Gorgeous girl!

I know I live in Kentucky, but I swear I have shoes on in this picture. They're gold and I guess just blend in. But at first glance, I was like " forgot shoes!" 

Two years in a row I've gotten to help her get ready! Loving this time with her while she still values my opinion :) But also living a little vicariously through her fun! 

So now on to the fun of our master bedroom-ness. Remember we're slowly updating our "master" bedroom. 

So it all started out with a simple project...

Putting up new blinds/curtains. 

Simple enough, right? 

So we took down the old curtains...

And the curtain rod holders, and put up the new blinds... 

Here are the blinds are pulled down. They are the nice kind that just slide up and down with no pull string. It's the little things in life, right? 

Then we were left with these little spots...

And we had a few dings like this throughout the room from moving furniture around and such...

So we spackled and sanded...and then we went to get the paint... 

And the bucket was no where to be found! And worst of all...we can't remember the paint color. 

We were going to try and just touch up the spots and see how it looks before completely repainting...

Well that's not going to happen. So shale it is. Hopefully next week I'll have an update and the walls will look something like this beautiful room and we'll have our new {totally awesome} curtains up! Benjamin Moore...pretty! 

Fingers crossed! 

Wasn't the super productive weekend like we expected, but oh well! 

What did ya'll do this weekend? Just football it up or did you get some DIY projects or yard work done? 

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  1. Seriously Lelia, you are the cutest ever! I think our master bedroom is the same color as yours.