Monday, September 3, 2012

{Organization: Linen Closet/Wrapping Storage}

Happy Labor Day! Wendel and I had the best long weekend! We spent some time with Wendel's sister and brother-in-law on Saturday and then went to a family wedding in Knoxville on Sunday!

Before I start with today's post, here are some snapshots from the wedding!

Wendel and I, and my sister's family!

Some of the gorgeous details! And yes...that was a fan that displayed their name and wedding date! One of the cutest wedding details ever! 

Beautiful bride and groom, beautiful wedding, such a fun family! It was a fabulous weekend to say the least! 

Now onto today's post! 

So as I mentioned in my Closet Organization post, we are trying to get our lives {and closets} organized. We started the process by having new shelving units installed in our master bedroom and office recently. 

Next on our list was the linen closet. With it being so tiny, we needed it to be very user-friendly and clutter free. We store a lot in there {i.e. towels, washcloths, all of our cleaning supplies, extra toiletries, shampoo, cotton balls, Q-tips, batteries etc.} so we needed it to be super functional. 

Not only that, but I was dreaming about making the linen closet door functional as well. 

After seeing this one Pinterst: 

And this on Young House Love: 

I was inspired! 

So during our next stop at Ikea, we picked up two of these garbage holders {which I can't find online but there are millions of them in the store!} for around $1.99 a pop! 

Then we headed to Target for this and this

So under $20.00 later, we were home to get this puppy organized! 

We have some room to grow in wrapping paper, so for now we're using the extra for it's real purpose...holding garbage bags. 

And here's the entire closet. 

The top shelf holds extra toilet paper rolls and paper towels, a box full of extra batteries, and a mini tool basket. 

The next shelf down holds our first aid kit, a basket with my hair things {curling iron, hair dryer, straightener}, and another basket with extra cotton balls and Q-tips. 

The next shelf down is our towels, hand towels, and wash clothes. 

And the bottom shelf holds cleaning supplies, our Dirt Devil, and extra vacuum parts. 

On the floor is our scale and a bin holding all of our "Extras" {i.e. razors, lotion, contacts, shampoo, etc.} 

I think it's super important for every home to have a good first aid kit! 

Wendel put this one together, and then I labeled it using my Cricut so it was easy for people to find. 

All of the essentials! 

Now we're on to the next closet :) It never ends right?


  1. I love how ambitious you are with your home! Makes me want to get mine organized and cleaned out. It's such a great feeling!

  2. That's the reason I do it! It feels so great to have things organized and actually know where things are! It's a long process, but it's been fun! We only have a few more spots to go! Woo hoo!