Monday, August 6, 2012

{Organization: Bedroom Closets}

Happy Monday! I'm excited because I got caught up on my blogging this weekend, and have some awesome things in store for you the next few weeks! 

So when we bought our home, we were so blessed because they had recently updated items in the house {i.e. windows, water heater, AC, kitchen cabinets/counter tops} so we didn't need to do as much renovation as we initially thought. 

The only thing about the "bones" of the house that really bugged me were the closets.

Now don't get me wrong, we are so so lucky because in the city that we live in is an older city with older homes {a.k.a. very minimal closet space.} 

Our home is in one the newer "sub-divisions" {if you can call it that} and it was built in the 60's...tells you something right? 

Anyhoo...our closet space is limitless, but they are u-g-l-y. 

Who just sang the song? U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi...

Sorry...I digress. 

To make a SUPER long story short, we decided to update them. We figured it would take us a while, because they were going to be expensive. So we started "shopping" around. 

We looked at Lowe's line of wire shelving

Now don't get me wrong, we might be using these in some of our smaller closets {linen, coat} but Wendel just really doesn't love the looks of wire shelving. However, they are very functional, easy to put up, and priced pretty well! 

So on-to Ikea we went to check out their organizational systems

But after looking at their options, we had two thoughts: 

1. They didn't really have the look we were going after. 

2. The price for what we would want was almost $900 per closet and we would have to install it ourselves. 

So after we were really annoyed, and kind of walked away from the idea, we went to the Northern Kentucky Home and Garden Show. 

There we met our saving grace: California Closets

Looking at their organizational systems at the show made me swoon,  and I was slightly embarrassing Wendel because I was pretty much petting them and speaking sweet nothings to their lovely-ness.  

Then the sales woman said that they do FREE quotes! What the heck? It's free! If nothing else, a professional will help us figure out how to organize our closet and then we can go about another company or built it ourselves. 

In walked Beverly from California Closets a few weeks later! She designed all three of our bedroom closets, and all were under $700 per closet...including installation! 

Now, I know that may sound like a lot, but when we saw that Ikea's was going to be multiple hundreds of dollars more...and we would have to install it ourselves...we were sold! Plus, I was determined that they were going to quote us at least $1000 per closet, so I was quite taken off guard by their quote.  

Not only that, but California Closets are if it scratches, breaks,'s covered! Holy amazing right? 

So we saved our pennies and have bee going room by room! First with the master, then with the office, and I'm hoping we'll do the guest bedroom in a month of two! 

So without further are our beautiful closets! 


So we actually did the office closet a few months after we did the Master closet, but I didn't take any before pictures of the Master {pre-blogging March 2012} and I wanted you to see what it looked like before! 

So here's with everything in it! It was kind of our junk closet...can you tell? 

It's embarrassing people! But this really was our closet to throw things in when people were coming over! Sad...I know! 

So the only thing we had to do was to get everything out of the closet, and take down the previous shelving {they would do it for a couple hundred more...but we can do that easily, so no biggie!}

So Wendel took down the shelving, {which were just wood boards painted white and nailed into the wall...cute right?} puddied some of the drywall that got dinged, sanded, and painted it fresh and pretty white! 

I'm pretty sure I was filling out applications like a crazy person this night! 

Then the next morning, they came in and an hour later, we had this! 


And here she is, all loaded up an pretty with my crafting things and some other stuff that was lying around the house! 

If you want to see the whole office space, go here

We're in love! Sometimes...I just sit in front of her and ooh and ahh over her gorgeousness! 


So I'm a terrible blogger, and don't have any photos of the before...{this was before my blogging days, so don't judge too me please} 

But here she is after!

If you couldn't tell by the photos, both of these closets go back about another foot or two into the wall which makes it hard to get back there. So for the master, Beverly designed this shelf to fit in the depth of the closet for my dresses. 

Because of my OCD-ness...I want to get all black hangers to update and simplify the look of everything! I'm waiting for the hangers to go on sale because we need like 150 of them :) Again...OCD's a bad thing! 

We also need to get an electrician in because all three of the closets have lights that have a pull string thing. We need to have them come in and put a switch so we can actually use the lights in our office! Update on that when that time comes! 

Next is the guest bedroom maybe in a few months we'll have that update for you! In the mean time, we're getting started on the master bedroom prepare yourself for some updating on that room soon! 


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  2. Hi!

    We're so glad that you chose us to help you re-do your closets and that you're happy with the results. It's great to see all the photos and to hear how the process went for you.

    I hope you don't mind if we share your blog post on our social media channels - we know our fans will love it!

    Happy organizing!

    Melissa M.
    California Closets HQ, Berkeley, CA Closets