Tuesday, July 17, 2012

{Introducing Olive...It's A Girl!}

No...we're not preggo...but we did just give birth to a longer term DIY home project. 

Her name is Olive...and she's our new beauty of an office! You'd think we painted her the color olive...but no...I just like the name Olive for an office. Strange...I know!

But here she is! In all her bright colored beauty!

We are 100% obsessed with everything about this office and are so excited to share with you all of the little details!

On a quick side note. Tomorrow, I get to have a guest blogger...Wendel! He's going to explain {in his boy way} how to build this beautiful desk that we absolutely love!

Any hoo...before I give some of the details of the room, I thought I should share the before picture...dun dun dun.

Boring right?

But let's not fret on the before...let's focus on the after! 

This desk was the starting point of our office. We needed a place where we can both work at the same time, and our old desk just wasn't doing it for us! We also needed more storage that was good at hiding things {i.e. the printer/office supplies/some of my teachery mess} So in came Young House Love with some inspiration.

We made our desk pretty much the same they did, but more on that tomorrow!

On to the other details of the room. 

We kept the office color the same as it was before {because...well Wendel was obsessed with it and I couldn't stand to break his heart!} but we added lots of color and details to make this office truly amazing!

Above the desk on either sides we have a mosh-posh of white frames with random pictures and art in them. We also added a few crosses that we have collected over the years! One of which a good friend gave me for graduation. There is one frame the is empty because we are going to get all of the kids to paint a little piece of art to fit in it. So stay tuned for that little ditty.

We painted our old dark-brown shelf white, because I wanted the dark brown wood desk top to be the only dark tones in the room. I'm still working on figuring out how to put everything in there, but life is a work in process right?

We also hung our map that I gave Wendel for our first anniversary!

So I am yellow, Alex is black, and together we are purple. We've only made it to a few places together...but that boy has me beat big time! He's been all over Europe, to Hawaii and Canada! We have some major work to do to change that!

I am a little obsessed with apothocary jars as this Instagram post shows you...

{By the way...follow me @ leliawendel}

It is very safe to say that I have too many...and this isn't even all of them! Sad, I know! But I decided to put some cute little memories in these! My childhood blocks, some dominoes, and all of the pins/buttons/awards from my childhood! We got a good kick out of looking through all of those!

These mirrors were in our old office, but were boring black. So green they became and I love them! 

This little puppy is my favorite thing in the office!! Our new light fixture from Lowes!! Obsessed!! 

Oh and those gorgeous chevron curtains...I'll be sharing all about those coming up next week! 

This is a slightly boring wall right now...but we're working on it! Those little jars will be screwed under neath the ledge very soon! 

And here is our beautiful new closet! I'll be posting all about this beauty next week too, so stay tuned!! 

Get excited for tomorrow to hear the husband write a post :) Should be interesting! 

So tell me...have any of you completely re-done a room before? It's kind of fun to start all over isn't it? Tell me you experiences and all the details! 


  1. LOVE IT! YOu guys did a great job! We painted the whole inside of our house before we moved in, and installed the flooring together...that was a marriage test in itself :)

    I think the map idea is really cool...where you guys have been, together and separate. YOu have a lot of great ideas for gifts!

    1. Yeah DIYing with your spouse is a marriage test for sure, but we have a lot of fun with it!

  2. Everything that you have shown here was beautiful. I love each and every part of your office. The design is vibrant and simple, and everything looks organized. I really believe in the saying that less is more. This is another proof that the saying, however cliche, is true.

    Blake Mitchell