Thursday, July 26, 2012

{"To-Do List" Check Up}

So remember a little over a month ago when we decided to make a little list of things we wanted to get done in 2012

Well I thought it would be fun to do a little update to see how we're doing! 

Then I went back to check exactly what was on our list...and realized we are failing. Not just a little, but a lot! 

So here's our list: 

1. Build A Desk For The Office

Woo hoo...we got that done!! We love our newly built desk so we can pat ourselves on the back for getting this checked off the list! 

And I'm just going to be honest...we haven't completed ANYTHING else! But we have don't yell at us too much! 

2. Spray Paint Entry Chandelier

It's on the list. It's pretty high up, so getting up there/disconnecting it/spray painting/allowing time to dry/reconnecting is going to be a process. Not a super hard process, but it will take some time. But it just needs to happen! 

3. Paint The Entry/Kitchen/Living/Hallway

We are going to be doing this in early fall! We've been putting up some samples, and think we have one picked! 

We love this Moonshine color by Benjamin Moore because it is so much lighter than our current color. We definitely need two coats, because with just one it looks white. Let me tell's going to be an insane before/after shot! But we're super excited!! 

4. Install The Back Splash

Okay, I'll admit it...we're nervous! It just seems like this is something we can totally mess up...but surely not...right? Has anyone done this by themselves and been successful? Talk us through this people! 

5. Add a "Popping Detail To Our Master Bedroom

This is the thing that is currently on our radar. We have been trying to decide, and this is the next thing to happen probably! We're excited about the ideas we have for our more updates on that soon hopefully! 

6. Do Something With Our Railing In The Entry

We'll probably worry about this one when we do the new flooring/wall color in the fall. So fall time will be a huge season of change for this house of ours! Can't wait! 

Still loving this though! 

7. Build Some Pretty Shelves For The Kitchen and Diving Room

We went to buy all of the materials for this project one night, and then realized that we would have to take them down when we we'll wait to do this after we paint in the fall. 

8. Paint The Yellow Room

This is another simple project that will probably happen in the next few weeks! We are going to be painting the Yellow Room and the Bathroom {we need to do this because for some reason these walls have been destroyed by (we're guessing) the steam from the shower!}Still picking colors though! 

9. Organize Some Of the Closets That Have Gotten Out Of Control 

We've kind of worked on this, and I'l have an update on this next week hopefully! We've been doing a lot of organizing lately and still have a few more drawers to go...but updates on that soon...I promise! 

10. Pull Out The Carpet On The Top Floor

Fall time...can't wait!! So excited...can't wait! I can't wait...have I mentioned that? 

So what did I learn from this little activity...we really stink at lists. BUT...there is a silver lining! This keeps us organized, and we're excited about the changes that are happening and going to happen!! 

So tell me...have you guys been getting any head way on projects you're working on? 

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