Friday, July 27, 2012

{Colored Skinny Crazy}

Happy Friday! I hope your week is ending on a good note, and you have a fun weekend ahead of you! 

We had a bit of a change in plans over here in Wendel land. 

On Wednesday, I was supposed to be heading to San Francisco with my mom to visit my rock star brother who works for Go Pro. However, my uncle Charlie {my mom's brother} passed away unexpectedly, so we delayed our trip to August so we could be with family. He was a fabulous man, and will be missed! 

With that said, Wendel and I have an unexpected weekend together and I couldn't be more excited! Is it weird that I really hate being away from him for a newlywed dorkiness...I know!  {I say this as he is giving me a back massage...hello Wendel points!} 

So...with all of that totally un-post related things behind us...let's get to the topic for today! 

Colored Skinnies...

Who else loves them? Obsesses over them? Been hunting them down like a crazy woman? 

Oh no one else...guess that's just me! 

I have been loving this trend for a while, but haven't been able to get my hands on a pair! They seem to fly off the racks, and never have my size! I tried to DIY a pair, but they turned out so horribly disastrous that I threw them in the trash...not even the people at Goodwill would want them! I meant to blog about them, but didn't take a single that was kind of a bust. 

So I couldn't find any colored skinnies...until I walked into Target and found a rack of beautiful colored skinny jeans! Woo hoo! 

Well guess what...I guess size 8 is a popular size because they only had two colors (no mint for me sadly!) But what did I do? I snatched them up without even thinking and went home in a giddy state of colored skinny excited-ness! 

So here they colored skinnies...this will not be the last you see of them! 

Outfit Number One

Skinnies: Target {can't find this color online, but they are the same brand/fit}; Shoes: Target {$15.00 in the store}; Belt: Target {old but I know I've seen it at the store recently}; White Shirt: Loft {old}; Watch: Fossil; Bracelets: Vintage; Bag: Market in London

How fabulous are these shoes? Super comfy, easy to walk in, and $15.00! Amazing...right? 

I picked up this bag while Wendel and I were in London studying abroad a few years ago. So glad I got this because it's a daily reminder of that special time in our lives. 

Outfit Number 2

Skinnies: Target; Tank: Loft; Slouchey Top: Target {can't find it online, but I bought my in the store} ; Flats: Target {$12.00 on sale right now!}; Earrings: Target {old}; Watch: Fossil; Bag: Target {LOVE this bag!}

Okay so what have you learned about me? I shop at Target wayyy too much? Yes, that would be right. I like myself a deal...what can I say? 

Okay so let's take a moment and talk about skinnies. I know a lot of people feel like they can't "pull them off". I'm not a skinny minnie person {in fact I think I'll share my weight loss story with ya'll soon...just decided that!} but I think that if you like something...wear it! 

That's my soap box...I'll step off now. 

Oh and side note...a lot of people have asked about my twisted easy! I found this tutorial on this blog {isn't she just too precious for words?} I just do the twisted bang part and then pull my hair into a pony. My go-to summer look! 

So tell me! Who has some skinnies that they're obsessed with? Anyone grab these from Target? Fill me in! 

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