Friday, July 20, 2012

{Stylin'...Well Tryin' To At Least }

Happy Friday! Who is super excited for the weekend? I know we are! We have big plans for some date nights and working in my classroom {exciting right?} 

So today I have something that is wayyyy out of my comfort zone! 

Now let me be honest...I don't have low self esteem by any means. Wendel always makes fun of me that I need to work on liking "me" better. I've always been a very confident individual. I like the way I look, and think I dress pretty good. 

But I still feel frumpy sometimes...yes frumpy. I'm a conservative teacher, so I'm a cardigan and flat wearing person. Never a bad thing, but when I want to look sexy and hot for a night on the town, I always struggle with finding something to wear. 

This is what happens...I sit in front of my closet trying to find something to wear. I start to cry because I  have "no clothes." Wendel tries to make me feel better. I cry harder and yell at Wendel. Eventually I put something on but still don't feel amazing. 

So...I decided to change that. STAT! Now how am I going to do this? By forcing myself to get out of my  comfort zone! 

I've been reading an amazing blog called Pink Peonies, and let me tell you...this girl can dress! She somehow mixes classic pieces with more trendy ones and ends up looking classy and amazing! 

So...this is my challenge to myself...once a week I will post pictures of myself in my own clothes jumping out of my comfort zone. I'm going to try to mix and match my pieces to make new, fresh, and exciting outfits. 

You don't have to like the actually can hate them if you want! But please don't tell me about it :) Just kindly say bad things in your head and then move on your merry way. Thanks! 

I do not spend a ton of money on clothes. But I am a discount, bargain shopper.  So if I link something and it's can pretty much guarantee that I didn't pay full price for it! Just want to throw that out there.

Some things I've learned through this process so far. 

1. I have been and probably always will be drawn to yellow...always! 

2. I am an extremely awkward solo picture taker.

3. We have no clue how to use our camera and it's ridiculous.

4. Wendel is a saint for dealing with being my photographer.

5. I could wear my turquoise J Crew necklace with every single outfit.

6. I shop at Loft way, way too much! here we go!! 

Outfit Number 1

Pants: Loft;  Shirt: Loft; Shoes: Steve Madden: {Old}; Necklace: J. Crew {From Ebay}; Watch: Fossil; Clutch: Etsy {Gift from Wendel}

Dorky...yes...but I kind of love this shot. 


Outfit Number 2

 Skirt: J Crew {I guess the yellow color is gone}; Shirt: J Crew Factory {similar}; Necklace; Target {Old}; Shoes: Target {On sale right now in store!}; Clutch: Forver 21 {Old}; Sockbun

Random shot, I know, but I wanted you to see the sock bun that I have perfected and adore! 

So there you go! Two newer looks for me, and I can't wait to wear them out and about this weekend! Here's to learning something new, and getting out of your comfort zone! 

So tell do you all get out of your "frumpy" ruts? I know we all have them! Make me feel better! 


  1. I love this post! You're outfits are super cute. I love the yellow! I really want to buy those pants. I started following Pink Peonies because you posted about it, and I really like seeing her cute outfits. I can't wait to see more of these posts!

    1. Yeah she's pretty amazing! Wish I could afford half of the things she wears...but I'll make due with my bargain finds :)

  2. I loooove the first outfit! Totally cute! You're rockin' those yellow pants like nobody's business :)