Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Dates By The Dozen: Update}

I hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend! We were super busy in my classroom, but still managed to soak up the gorgeous weekend with two pretty special dates! 

Remember last week when I was totally transparent about how terrible we were at actually doing our Monthly Dates I had planned for us? Well I was able to get three completed this weekend! Go me! 

Friday, we were in my classroom until 6:30 in the evening! To say we were tired was an understatement! We came home, ordered pizza and watched a movie. Just when it was getting dark, I pulled out two pretty amazing cupcakes {that I picked up while my niece, mom and I had lunch downtown} and we headed outside to star gaze the evening away!

I think he was pretending to gaze into the stars...I'm tellin' you...he's weird!

So I did this to say "Wow...we majorly slacked on this date!" But then realized that it's July again...haha...so we're only a year late! 

With our loot: a comfy blanket, our cupcakes, and my friend Tammy {my favorite Tervis Tumbler that makes her way everywhere with me!}

I'm telling you, we loved every second of this date! For one, the evening was beautiful! Kind of cool, but fabulous! The only semi-hilarious thing was that there was not a SINGLE star in the sky! Funny right? But we still got to "be with nature" and enjoy our surroundings as well as some Reds fireworks from our backyard! 

This date did two things for me. First, it helped me to de-stress me from the crazy day/week of working in my classroom. And secondly, it helped me to remember how much nature means to Wendel! He loves being outside in the quiet, so we need to make this a priority for sure!! 

On Saturday, guess what we did all day? Oh my goodness you're right! We worked in my classroom! To say the previous teacher was a pack rat is a huge understatement! {Pictures to come later once things are more put together and pretty! 

 Anyhoo...we finished up around 3:00 just in time to come home, do some yard work, and grab showers! 

Our first stop on our Saturday Date night was going to a local winery. We are so blessed to have quite a few local wineries about 20 minutes from our home...and we've never been to them! Sad, right? 

So we headed to Camp Springs Winery to do a wine tasting. Let me tell you...we loved it! It was so cute and adorable in their little log cabin, and the wine was fabulous! 

I'm probably as far from a "drinker" as a person can be! My idea of an evening cap is a diet cherry coke in  wine glass {not joking by any means!} so to say that I enjoyed the wine is a huge statement! We even bought three bottles! 

We loved every moment of our time here, and then we were off to dinner! 

 So I can't believe it, but I totally deleted the picture of Wendel holding his sign...we might have to get another one soon...but this is what I've got! {Anyone know how to retrieve a photo your deleted from your iPhone?}

For our next stop, we went to a new restaurant in Hyde Park called Tellers. And by new I mean we've never been there before. It used to be a bank many years ago and I'm pretty sure you can eat in the vault. 

It was delicious! So, so, so delicious!

{Another "Really..five months later Lelia...you should be ashamed!" picture} 

{Yes...this is my first outfit from Friday's post...and the moment I walked into the winery someone commented on my outfit...I'll say that one was a home run!}

We both got salads, amazing pasta dishes, and then we shared a chocolate hazelnut browning and mousse dessert! Oh my work it was all so delicious!

We ended our evening by coming home and sitting by the pool enjoying another night of gorgeous weather!

 I have to say that this might have been one of my favorite dates ever! We had such a blast and I loved trying new places! Why do we always go to the same places? There are so many amazing restaurant in Cincinnati...and we need to explore them! 

Any locals have some places we need to try? I'm taking a vow to not do another date night at one of our usual places!  

On the docket in the near future:
- Painted Fish
- Andy's Mediterranean
- Revolving Restaurant
- Palamino
- Some of the places in Over the Rhine


  1. You definitely need to check out Lavomatic in OTR. We recently went to Virgil's Cafe in Bellevue and it was great! Jim has been to the Brown Dog Cafe in Blue Ash a couple of times for business dinners and keeps wanting to take me. Says it amazing. La Poste in Clifton is AMAZING!

    1. Good suggestions! Yeah we've been wanting to go to Virgil's forever...stupid we haven't been yet! And we've been to Brown Dog and it's amazing! Can't wait to try all of these new places!