Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{Pinterest Challenge}

Okay, so who reads Young House Love or Bower Power? These are two of my favorite blogs, and they just happen to do something super cool! They do a Pinterest Challenge every few months where you are challenged to pick one thing on Pinterest that you have been eyeing...and do it! 

Check out their posts about this here and here.

So...I'm going for it! I have one week to accomplish one of the things I've been eyeing on Pinterest.

So...what am I going to do? 

Here are my top picks...

1.Tailor a Large Shirt

I bought a large shirt from Loft a few months ago that I just adore the color of So I maybe I'll try this tutorial for tailoring a shirt. 

2. Update Our Corn Hole Set

Remember when I showed you a few of the crafting things I have planned for this summer? Well this was on of them, so maybe I need to get on that so we can use it this summer! 

3. Upholster Our Coffee Table

I have been dying to do this for a while...and I might have just gotten some gorgeous fabric in the to do this...so maybe this is what I'll do! 

Who knows what I'll end up with? Stay tuned to next Tuesday to see what I decide on!

Who else is going to do this with me? Come on...jump out of your comfort zone and do something new! Let me know what you do! 

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