Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{Our Life}

Welcome to Life On The Homestead!

When I met the man of my dreams at the young age of 15, I could never have dreamed of how incredible my life would turn out! After seven years of long distance, we got married surrounded by 300 of our closest friends and family (I know that sounds like a ton of people...that's what happens when you're high school sweethearts and both have abnormally large families.)  Living life as giddy newlyweds is a blast, but hard work. Being intentional to make sure Wendel (Yup...I call my husband that...get used to it because I just can't stop) feels loved is my daily goal. Making sure that we spend enough time with our growing family (most importantly our six ridiculously awesome nieces and nephews) is a constant battle. But this is our life as giddy newlyweds. Our dates, our jobs, our families, and our experience that make us...us! Follow along for the the journey. Will it always be perfect...heck no! But I can't wait to go through life with this man of mine!