Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hey Friends! 

I'm alive...we're worries! 

I took an unexpected blogging hiatus last week and it still kind of continues. 

Here's the DL...

My outfit of the days have been workout clothes and PJ's...

We're still not pregnant {insert sarcastic cheering}...

We're in the middle of about five projects, but none of them are far enough along to show you...

Orange Is The New Black has overtaken my life...

Wendel is in his last week of his summer class so he's been busy...

We're traveling WAY too much, so I'm in a constant state of packing, unpacking, and doing laundry...

And blogging just sucks sometimes...

Sorry to cuss ya'll...actually...nope...not sorry. 

Blogging is so frustrating! 

It takes so much time, people typically don't get what blogging is and how much time it takes, I don't know what I want for my blog re-design...literally the only time I've been indecisive...ever, I feel like this little blog will never "take off", and I go through the "I'm quitting blogging" thing like once a month. 

Sweet Mrs. Measom explained it so well in her post about blogging frustration...I felt her so clearly in every work she spoke. 

So this is what I'm doing...I'm peacing out on blogging until August.

I'm not in a depression...don't worry!

I just need to extend myself some grace!

I actually hurts my heart to do this. Wendel has asked me like five times if I really want to do this. 

I doubt any of you will go into a depression....but I just really need to do this! 

I think I'll come back refreshed, rejuvenated, and excited about blogging again...hopefully! 

So I'll see you in August! 

I'll be able to recap our summer travels...

Maybe I'll have a new look on the blog...oh deal Lord please!

Hopefully we'll have the sun-room totally done...

And maybe a few other projects will be underway! 

Thank you so much to everyone who does read and support and love this blog of mine!

If you want to follow me in real time, follow my Instagram account...I'll for sure be sharing more there! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

{Friday Blog Feature}

Hey Friends! 

I don't have a super exciting post for ya'll today...sadly. 

We've been STRUGGLING in the flippin' annoying! 

The tile is done...Thank God! 

But the ceiling is give us some fits. 

On top of that, today begins our SIX weekend stretch of traveling. 

Mostly for weddings, but a lot of traveling! 

So no weekends for a while to work on 

As you read, I'm on the road to Greenville, TN to see my sweet college friend marry the man of her dreams! 

Cannot wait to see her in white, and catch up with dear friends! 

I do have some exciting news...a blog post from a year or two ago was featured on a website

Woo hoo! 

So go check out the feature...and better yet, the post all about some unique bridal shower games!

Have a fabulous weekend, and I'll be back on Monday to share what we have done so far in the sun-room! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

{Marriage...It's Awesome}

I can say with 100% certainty very few things. 

I can't say with 100% certainty that I'm an awesome friend/daughter/sister. 

I can't say with 100% certainty that I'm an incredible teacher. 

I definitely can't say with 100% certainty that I'm an excellent blogger. 

But I can say with 100% certainty that I have a freaking awesome marriage.

Are we perfect? Heck No! Have we been at it for a long time? No. But we feel insanely blessed to say that our marriage is thriving. 

We do not take marriage lightly, and we've learned a lot in the three short years together as husband and wife. 

Here are my top five favorite things I've learned during this journey.

Maybe I'll get Wendel to do this too...see what he comes up with. 

{Side note: because the majority of my readers are women...and I'm a woman...I'm writing this towards women...still hope you get something awesome out of this men!}

1. Don't Make Being Happy A Guessing Game

You married you spouse for a reason. And they married you for a reason. It's probably because you like each other...hopefully. But one reason you married each other is because you want to make him/her happy. LET HIM MAKE YOU HAPPY! Don't make him guess what will make you happy...tell him! I learned very early on that my sweet, amazing husband will not just off the top of his head plan dates. It's just not who he is. In the beginning I took it so personally. And if I continued to "play the game" I would probably end up resentful and bitter. Then I realized that NOTHING makes him happier than to make me happy. So when I'm wanting him to plan a special date...I'll ask him. A simple e-mail of "hey...will you plan us a date for Friday?" will work. And let me tell you what...Wendel always follows through. { have to follow through...k?}

Don't make it a guessing's not cute. 

2. Learn Your Spouses' Love Language

This totally changed how I view loving Wendel. When we first took the love language quiz, I was pretty embarrassed to say that my love language was receiving gifts. I now know that it's because my lovely, sweet, shy husband doesn't always verbalize his feelings...but when he brings me home a cupcake, or buys me something off my Pinterest board...that shows me that he has thought about me and loves me. Receiving gifts is NOT his love language. Like at all. I would plan the most incredible gifts for him {a gift every hour on his birthday...yup...that happened}and he received them graciously, but it wasn't filling his "love tank." He needs physical touch and words of affirmation. Hugging him when he gets home from work, and sending him encouraging e-mails is a perfect way for me to show him love. LOVE YOUR SPOUSE HOW THEY WANT TO BE LOVED. Not how you want to be loved. It will drastically change the dynamics of your relationship. Promise!

3. Be Intentional...For Real

Wendel and I help out with marriage counseling at our church, and I can't tell you how many times the word "intentional" comes up during talks. It is so important to be intentional in your marriage. Be intentional in loving your spouse. Be intentional in listening to your spouse. Be intentional about being intimate with your spouse. {bow chicka wow wow} Be intentional about showing love towards your spouse. Be intentional in affirming your spouse. Be intentional about praising your spouse...especially in public. One way we are being intentional in our marriage is at least one thing a year to work on our marriage. That could mean a marriage counseling class, reading a marriage book together, doing a marriage small group together. Something very intentional to work on our marriage together. Our thing is helping out with marriage counseling. We just do administrative things for now, but we've met incredible couples out of it and have learned a ton! Every time we take the course, we come at it from a tiny bit different view. And we always get something out of it! Intentionality {pretty sure that's not a word}...go do it people. And do it well!

4. Never Ever, Ever Speak Ill Of Your Spouse

It is so incredibly easy to fall victim to the "let's trash talk our spouses around the water cooler" crap. Sorry mom...but's crap. Don't do it! You don't want your spouse speaking ill of you to his coworkers/friends/family. So stay clear of the trap! Be positive, be praiseworthy, and be your spouses' biggest cheerleader. Now I will say this...don't be obnoxious. You know those people who are super boastful...don't be crazy. Be loving. 

5. Make Memories...And Make Them Awesome

Don't let the stress of planning special moments take over you. I love Pinterest...don't get me wrong, but it has given us all such high expectations...and it's no bueno. Memories doesn't have to mean taking a picnic in a hot air balloon over the ocean while watching fireworks in the background and sipping champagne from flutes he designed with an artist in Ireland. {1. Yes...let's do that. 2. See what crazy dreams Wendel has to live with!} Making memories can be picking up Wendy's frosties and fries and taking them to the park. It could mean getting lost in some woods together. It could be trying to build a fort together and failing so miserably that you end up almost accidentally suffocating the love of your life in the process....that's never happened to us. But making memories is EVERYTHING. 

And the blogger in me would like to add...flippin' document it! That could mean a picture, video, journal entry, drawing, a to scale model out of marshmallows. Whatever the heck comes to mind...but document it. We LOVE looking back and reminiscing the incredible memories. 

So I could go on and on with more and more of these. But I'll stop for now. Thank goodness, right?

Marriage is awesome people...if you're in at it. If you want to be in one...pray for it. If your scared of these words and find hope.

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Friday, June 6, 2014

{Comfy Casual}

Sometimes a comfy pair of jeans, simple black T, and a good hat is all you need to make you feel comfy and put together! 

I've had a few friends recently diagnosed with skin cancer, and most of their spots were right in their hair line. It freaked me out, so I've been trying to wear hats out and about. While sometimes I feel like I look like a diva {haha}...I'll take it over getting skin caner. Any day! 

Jeans: Loft {old, similar, craving these}
T-Shirt: Target {similar}
Hat: Target {can't find online, love this and this}
Purse: Kate Spade {Baxter Street Marian}
Wallet: Kate Spade {Wellesley Neda, similar}
Sunnies: Forever 21 {sold out, expensive version}
Watch: Fossil
Sandles: Steve Madden via DSW {old, similar}

Let's just talk about my new purse...I'm in LOVE!

Mr. Wendel grabbed this for me for our anniversary during Kate Spades's random 75% off sale! 

It's perfection...

And this wallet complements it perfectly! 

Good job Mr. Wendel! 

I wore this outfit for an ice cream date with my two nieces on their last day of school! Nothing like a good dipped cone loaded with sprinkles to SCREAM summer! 

Side note: my niece on the right is officially a senior in high school {wahhhhh} and headed off for five weeks to a scholarship program...we're all in denial. What will we do without her?

Happy Friday! 

We had to put off tiling the sun-room until this weekend because of rain and working on the Mr. Wendel and I have a date tiling in the sun-room tonight! 

Have a fabulous weekend! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

{Numero Tres}

Three in the world is that possible? 

These have been the most incredible, hilarious, fulfilling yet at times painful three years of our lives. 

Being together for seven years before we got married, I didn't think it was possible to love Wendel any more than I already did. Man was I naive!

He has shown me more grace, support, encouragement, fun, and love than I could ever have dreamed.

Like I shared on Friday, we took some pictures with one of our favorite local photographers. 

One of my mom's from last year{I taught her son} is the incredible photographer behind Burning Chair Photography. Tabitha does it all, and does it so beautifully! She's also a blast to shoot with, which makes life SO much easier! 


Sorry was too cool of a picture not to include :) 

Our yearly can't see it, but I was on crutches for our first anniversary

Wendel bought me these as a little random gift last year! And ya'll...they came from South Africa! It was the neatest package to receive with lots of beautiful stamps! 

You can't frolic in the woods without dancing while wearing a flower crown...right?

Ya'll...this cake...I was so proud of it! And I'll admit it, that cake tasted amazing! We nibbled on it for days before we had to throw it out or we would have gained 10 lbs each! 

So in this picture, I had sparkles ALL over myself after taking pictures for my blogiversary...we had to edit them out a bit but you can still see one on my eyebrow :) 

My grandmother made this quilt...can't wait to wrap our daughter up in this and rock her to sleep one day! 

You can read ALL about our wedding hereherehere, and here. Plus our engagement here, our first anniversary here, and our second anniversary here

Happy Anniversary Wendel! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

{Infertility: Update One}

It's kind of horrifying that I had to label this "Update One"...because who knows how many infertility updates we'll have to give. 

So just to start off...we're still not pregnant...and it's okay. 


We're okay. That's one thing we want everyone to know. We really are doing okay. 

We are soaking up this time as husband and wife, understanding that this is an incredibly unique time in our lives. 

We had an appointment with our infertility doctor last week, and he said he's not worried about us convincing naturally...THANK GOD!

We went into that appointment thinking he could say a few things.

1. "your chances of conceiving naturally is very low"

2. "you might as well just start the IVF process" and of course because I always go there

3. "you'll never be able to have a baby together." 

So the fact that the doctor was so relaxed and encouraging was such a relief! 

However, he did say that some people who have perfect blood work, perfect genes, perfect situations have to go through IVF...and sometimes don't end up with a baby.

It's kind of funny, because when we were dating/engaged and talking about having kids, we always said that we would wait to start trying three years after we got married. 

Well tomorrow is our three year anniversary.

So maybe "three" was a God given "number" and He is sticking to it even though we decided to change our plan.

Who knows...I guess we'll find out someday!

I just want to give encouragement to some of the people who e-mailed me and are going through the same struggle.

You are not alone, you are strong, and you will be okay. 

Sleep soundly that His plan is infinitely better than ours...although we're all confident that our plans pretty much rock. 

We really do feel extremely at peace.

Well I'll take that back, I feel at peace all but one day a month...and it's right when I start cramping. 

It's the most frustrating thing...wanting something so bad...and to feel your body taking that away. 

So that day every month is a pretty sad one in our house. 

Wendel is incredible...I know you already know that...but I'm just reiterating the fact. 

A few weeks ago when that day happened, I was depressed

I really thought this was our month...I kept thinking how incredible and redeeming it would be to have conceived after we "told our story"... 

And to be honest...I was pissed for a day or two. 

But I keep coming back to how calm I really feel. 

I would say I'm a pretty anxious person and suffer from a lot of anxiety.

And I'm not anxious about this at all...I'm very much at peace.

So I'm just going to thank God for that, and continue on my merry way.

That doesn't mean that I'm not sad...sometimes. 

We're going to enjoy this summer of traveling {six weekends in a row might I add} to see friends get married, and vacations {hello Mexico}, we're going to soak up that pool of ours, and continue working on projects for the basement. 

We're also thankful because Wendel will for sure be done with his masters when this baby decides to grace us with his/her presence! 

As much as I wish I was snuggling our baby this morning while watching the Today Show...I'm not...and it's okay. 

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and prayers! 

We love you all and can't thank you enough!

{This picture is a sneak peek at our three year anniversary photo shoot that I'll be sharing tomorrow! So check back to see the gorgeousness from Burning Chair Photography}

Monday, June 2, 2014

{Let's Tile This Bar}

Alight ya'll...this bar has been tiled and she is looking mighty pretty.

Ya'll...for real...doesn't she look amazing?

We're proud...big time!

But let's start from the beginning!

We headed to The Tile Shop and picked out these three lovelies.

But the white stacked stone was the immediate choice in our book.

She called Sierra Vista...and she's pretty!

I've never been more at ease with a decision! 

We also wanted to install some shelves to hold wine glasses/bottles a-la Jenna Sue , so we started plotting that out! 

If you can see, very lightly, we took the tile and marked up the wall to see where the placement of the shelves made sense....roughly.

Then, so we could visualize, we taped them off. 

After figuring out how long we wanted them, and taping them off, we had an idea of what we were looking to build.

After thinking about how we {and by we...I mean Wendel} would build the shelves, I got the best idea ever...

Lack shelves from Ikea. 

For $20 a piece...we couldn't say no! 

It's funny, because the blue tape was how long we wanted the shelves to be, and the yellow tape measure is the length of the Lack shelf...pretty much exactly how long we wanted them in the first place! 

So we picked up all the tile the weekend of Memorial Day, but couldn't start installing until this past Saturday because Wendel had a super busy week last week with his summer master's class. 

So Saturday morning, bright and early {okay...more like 9:30} we went to grab the extra supplies we needed from the brother-in-law. 

He was the key to our tile installation! He owns a construction company, so he had all of the tools and toys we needed to do this project! We are going to babysit for them one night to "pay" them back!

Thanks again, Dan! 

Now let me just start this off by warning you...this is our very first time tiling. 


As I mentioned on Saturday, we took a tile class at The Tile Shop, and learned the importance of laying that's what we started doing. 

I found my very favorite pieces and put them towards the bottom and middle, and took the ones with more imperfections at the top. 

There were four that had more issues, so we put them to the side so we could use them when we needed to cut in at different areas. 

I saw how important laying out was! When we started tiling it was so fast pace, if I hadn't taken the time to do this, we would have wasted to much time figuring things out! It made the actual tiling process run smoothly. 

Then we started cutting off the edges of the tiles that would meet up to the wall.

We knew all of these pieces had to be cut anyways, so we did this before we mixed up our thin- happy we took the time to do this! We got on a roll and it was great to have those tiles cut and ready to go! 

Our first time cutting...we were pretty proud and super thankful to have this big daddy tile cutter to help us out! 

Then we had all of our edge tiles cut and we were ready to mix our thin-set! 

This mixing machine was just about the coolest tool ever. Again...thanks Dan! 

And we were ready to start tiling! 

These were our tools, but we pretty much stuck with two main tools. The little trowel on the right {it was the perfect size to get into the small areas} and the level. We wanted to be sure that we were always level, so every row we checked to be sure we were on track! 

And away we went! It was definitely easier as you went along, but I was pretty meticulous because this tile is heavy and we didn't want anything to wrong. 

This was actually "no sag" thin-set just so we were sure, but I took my pretty little time, making sure that the thin-set was perfect! 

And just like that...our first row was done! 

The second row was pretty straight forward...

Then we got to the outlets...ugh! 

But we measured, and measured, and cut little bits at a time, until we got it done! 

We ended up taping this tile because it kept popping out...slippery little sucker! 

And just like that...the third row was done! 

And then it was time to install the first shelf

It took a lot of measuring to be sure that it would sit perfectly on top of the most recent tile row, but we got it figured out! 

The next row was another tricky row, because we had to cut all around the shelf, but again...we figured it out! 

And the next row...

Then it was time to add the next shelf! This one gave us more trouble, but we got it all figured out! 

And again...cutting around the annoying! 

And then we got excited and finished up the top two rows...because we THANKFULLY didn't have to do any more cutting...woo hoo! 

And then it was done...and we were in love! 

Here's a little side by side to see the progress! 

And here she is all done up! 

This is a pretty good depiction of the color, but there is a lot of shimmer in it that doesn't pick up on camera...unfortunately. 

And that's all folks...

Well...not quite :) 

Here's what we've got to finish before we cross this sucker off our to-do list: 

-Build in the refrigerator {like this}
-Install the sink 
-Add white baseboards
-Find a new light fixture that will be in the middle of the bar
-Organize the cabinetry 
-Maybe add new knobs/pulls

I put the fridge on a box so you can see what it will look like up a's going to be so so pretty! 

Now it's onto the's a peek as to what's going on in there last night. 

Just a tad messy, right? 

But tomorrow, we start installing the tile that is on the carpet in the lower right hand corner! 

So so flippin' excited! 

That's all for now friends!