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{Hi...Yeah We're Married: Getting Ready!}

Thank you so much to everyone for the sweet anniversary messages! We had a perfect day! Alex took the day off and we enjoyed relaxing together! Check back next week for pictures and details of the day!

As I mentioned yesterday, we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary with a week full of posts centered around our wedding! I have all the details of our wedding day, plus our tips for couples getting married!

Let's start off with the getting ready process! Here's a little recap of how the morning of June 1, 2011 went for us!

{Side note...I'm going to talk a lot about our amazing photographer tomorrow...but wanted to give her a shout out today! Amanda Mera of Sunny Studios! Brides run...not walk to book her! You won't be disappointed I promise!}

Getting Ready

Alex and I had been dreaming...no obsessing over our big day for almost seven years! I'm not joking! So the fact that THE day was finally here was unbelievable. I will be totally honest with you...that morning I woke up 100% calm...kind of like I was getting ready for a normal day! I had forgotten a few things at our new home,  so I had my mom call my groom to grab a few things I had forgotten...one of which being deodorant...thank God I remember that one!! 

Then my bridesmaids, flower girls, mothers, and I spent the morning relaxing and actually finishing up a few details for the wedding. I wanted to double check the seating cards, so we did that, and then the fun began!! I wanted all of my girls to feel gorgeous, so I had a glam squad come to my in-laws house to get us ready! Penny and Jane from Brideface came to do their art of makeup and my personal hair stylist (who has done my hair since I think I was 8 or 9) Leila (funny right) did all of our hair! Even as I was getting my hair and make up done, it didn't feel real! It was so insane! I didn't have butterflies, I didn't have the gitters....I was so calm! 

Beautiful, stunning Molly!

The worlds sweetest, and most stunning mother-in-law! 

My beautiful sister-in-law! She was so prepared  helping me with lip gloss and hairspray throughout the day! So thankful for her!

Do I not have the most gorgeous mother? Why yes...yes I do! 

Alex's sister! She is stunning, amazing, and was a newly engaged woman so it was fun to spend this time with her!! 

Getting ready with these ladies made everything so fun! We laughed, danced, played with babies, and enjoyed each other's company!! 

The Dress

Oh hello beautiful!! Martina Liana...gorgeousness! The proudest thing about this dress is a tiny, baby story. I bought THE dress the July before...then I decided to get in "wedding shape"...43 pounds later, and 8 inches taken in...this dress was amazing!! Thank God for an amazing alteration woman...if you want her name/number, comment! 

These were my grandmother's earrings, and they were perfect for our big day!! 

Zappos...that's all I have to say brides! I ordered and sent back probably 15 pairs of shoes before I found a pair that I loved and could dance in!! Free shipping both ways...it's the way to go!! 

The pearl bracelet that my parents gave me for college graduation! 

Before I got my dress on, I wanted to be sure to spend some time with my little nieces. They were sure to have a blast, but probably wouldn't be getting their normal Aunt Lelia attention...so I wanted to be intentional in spending some time with these cuties! 

Now it was time to get that dress on! But first, the jewelry! 

Sweet Catherine (my niece) helping me with my bracelet! I will always cherish this picture! 

Finally...getting to put the dress on...and keep it on!! I was so, so excited!!  

This is a very special picture for me! Having my sister and mother help me get my dress on was so wonderful! Love these two women so much!! 

And the finishing touches!!  

Glad I got my deodorant that morning! 

Thankful for these three women...they are stunning! 

 And I'm ready! Let's do this!! 

Our Getting Ready Tips

I have a few things that I would tell brides in regards to getting ready the morning of their big day! 

1. No more running around! If something didn't get done, then let it go! I probably could have spent the entire morning running around doing last minute things...but I let them go! This allowed me to relax, and enjoy every single minute getting ready! 

2. Hire someone you trust to do your hair and makeup! I was so thankful to not be worrying if "my vision" would come true...I knew it would! I have heard horror stories of brides hating their hair and makeup and going home to completely re-do it and it ending in a huge mess! No bueno people! I not only wanted myself to feel amazing, but I wanted my bridesmaids, my mom, and Alex's mom to feel pampered and gorgeous! It was worth every penny (haha...and one of the makeup artists name was Penny!) to have those three girls come and make us feel beautiful! 

3. Have lots of munchies on hand! We ended up having way more food than we needed for breakfast/lunch, but it is so important to make sure everyone is fed! You don't want anyone melting down! We ordered one of those wrap trays and had lots of drinks (and water) on hand!

4. Pack your cosmetic bag and have it with you that morning. I think the hardest part of the whole wedding week was packing for our honeymoon and figuring out what needed to be where! I ended up having to go and grab things from the house that morning (hello deodorant!) So here is my suggestion: when packing for your honeymoon, pack your cosmetic bag and put it in a little duffle for the wedding day morning. Then just put one of your bridesmaids in charge of carrying that with you to the reception. It will probably still be chaos, but a little less than chaotic! 

5. Relax, and enjoy yourself! You're getting married! 

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Stay tuned tomorrow for where we took all of our pictures and some of our tips for getting those perfect wedding portraits! 

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