Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{We're Stylin'...Well...Trying To}

Happy Tuesday! We have been busy around here working on our office desk that we mentioned in yesterdays post, so get ready for a post on that very soon!

For today, I wanted to chat a little bit about the "style" of our home decor. I've always been kind of annoyed that I don't have a clear cut style...for anything. I feel like some people have a serious style for their clothes {preppy, country, boho} but I just never have. I'm so all over the place it's crazy. What I learned from Kendi Everyday is that you don't have to! Like what you like, and own it! The same indecisiveness goes with my design style. I'm all over the place, and it makes it so hard to pin down what I want in the end. Some people are very Pottery Barn, and some are all about the Anthropology style. I want it all! The problem that is I feel there needs to be some sort of cohesiveness to make a room feel pulled together. So...when I saw this post from Young House Love about finding your design style, I thought I'd give it a try! 

They suggested a few different quizes, so I went to these three { this one, this one, and this one}

The results were a pretty hilarious, I have to say! 

This first was a personality test that then gave you some home style advise centered around your personality...here was my screen shot: 

Evidently I'm a "striver"...whatever that means! There are nine different tabs you can click on, and one of them is home. So I did that, and this is what it said: 

"Ever stopped to dream about your perfect life, even for a bit? Thought so! In fact, your grounded nature suggests your dream life isn't too far out of reach. You're not fantasizing about exotic villas or huge mansions - you'd probably be more comfortable in a beautiful house in the suburbs. A nice neighborhood and friendly neighbors would go a long way for you." 

This is 100% true for Alex and I. We are in no way desiring a mansion or villa of perfectionism. We want a home in a nice neighborhood to raise children in one day. Well guess what, we have that! We were so blessed to find a home in a great area, and we love it! So now it's just to make it truly our vision of a perfect home for us! 

So what does that say about our decorating style...nothing! But it did tell me that I'm very happy where I am! 

The second was a style test from Home Goods. It was a super, simple, 10 question test...here was my screen shot from this one: 

Bohemian Casual? I would probably not pick this for myself normally, because I think of "bohemian" being beachy, natural, and relaxed. 

Well what this quiz says is that "I am interested in creating a place where people feel relaxed...your home is cozy, with comfy chairs, throw pillows and places to set a drink or read a book." I think that describes my vision pretty well! We want our home to feel comfortable for anyone! This quiz also hit on my desire for "light" colors and why I love the color yellow and candles! Hello hitting the nail on the head!! 

This quiz also talks about how I want to be party-ready all the time (yes...we throw parties weekly) and how I love scents and candles for entertaining! Again...hitting the nail on the head! So...maybe I am more bohemian than I think! 

The last quiz is from a website called Sproost. Again...super easy quiz to take. All you do is rate rooms that they show you! Here is my screen shot! 

This quiz told me that my decor style was mainly Nantucket style. What this means is that I like a beachy feel. Again...with the beachy! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much I do draw inspiration from the beach. I love white furniture, and shell and coral accessories around the house. I adore the picture in with the Nantucket style. I love the open, bright windows and the bright furniture. And you know I love those yellow candles! 

So...what have I learned? I do have more of a decor style than I thought! I like things comfortable, airy, and bright. I tend to like things that are cozy and make a person feel at home. I like beach inspired accessories and shouldn't shy away from that. 

I really enjoyed taking these quizzes, and feel more confident in my decor style! 

So this teacher is going to give everyone homework! Take these quizzes and tell me what you guys found out about your decor style! 


  1. Hey Lelia! I just took these quizzes and they are so fun! In the Sproost one, my style is "Classic" (antiques, sophistication, yet warm and inviting. In Home Goods, I am "Elegant Classic". Once again, the antiques, appreciation for history and more traditional decor. These results make total sense in looking at my house! Haha- New, old-fashioned is what I would label it. My personality quiz said that I'm a striver too! Thanks for recommending these! A fun way to spend a Monday afternoon.

    1. Haha I love it! I think they really do help figure out what you really like! Love your blog and loved reading all about your engagement story! Hope you both are doing well!!

  2. Thanks, Lelia! I love your blog too! I've really enjoyed the before and after pics of your house! It just makes me wish we lived closer. And, just by the way, you posting your engagement story gave me the idea to post mine :-) So fun!