Friday, June 1, 2012

{A Parisian Picnic}

Happy Friday! After such a busy Memorial Day weekend, Alex and I are excited to a restful and lazy weekend! 

I wanted to stop by with a quick post about a date I planned recently forWendel! 

I am constantly trying to be intentional in showing Alex how much I love him! Whether that be an e-mail so he knows I appreciate him, or his favorite meal on a random night! I also love planning elaborate date nights! It's the party planner in me I guess! 

So when I saw this post on The Dating Divas, I just about squealed! I probably should have added The Dating Divas to my blog favorites list, but this blog is all about making sure to still date your husband! I've used a lot of their ideas and they are always so cute and fun!

Makana used this website to make a personalized first class plane ticket to New York for a New York themed date! Too cute, right? So I did the same thing, but to a different place....Italy! It's one of the many places we want to travel together, so I went the Tuscan kind of picnic route! 

All you have to do to make the ticket is go to the website, click the start button, and fill in all of the areas. Here is a screen shot of what I did!

{They have the lists of airport codes, so you can look those up!} 

And this is what I got! A super legit-looking airplane ticket to use!

Then of course I wanted to add a little invitation! I found this amazing website that offers FREE save-the-date and wedding invitations! So crazy!

So I used this one, put all of my information in, and this is what I got! Pretty cute, right?

So the day of our picnic, I had a meeting at school, so I hid the plane ticket and save-the-date in a cook in our bookcase! When it was time for him to meet me, I called him and told him to open the book and meet me where the save-the-date told him to!

While Alex was heading to one of our favorite local parks, I got everything all ready! I brought a blanket, some pillows, candles, and a picnic basket with all the dinner fixings. I made this super easy recipe (so easy, healthy, and delicious!) and brought a loaf of whole wheat bread and some Snyder's orange cream sodas! 

We pretty much had the park to ourselves! Oh and this is just part of the park. I just went where no one was and set up there! We were pretty much people free! 

Wendel with his invitations! 

And then we just got to enjoy! It was the perfect date! 

And oh course we had to do a little Instagram magic! 

I love this man of mine, and adore doing fun dates like these for him!! I have many more planned get ready!!

Anyone else have any fun dating ideas or resources? I always love hearing everyone's ideas! 

Happy Friday!! 

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