Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{My Blog Favorites}

Hey friends out there! I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! We opened our pool and had lots of people over for grilling and popsicles...can't get anymore summer than that right? Get excited for a super long post all about our house this week! Get all the juicy details about how we got our home, and what it's looking like currently!!

So today, I thought it would be fun to share some of the blogs that I get inspiration from! Some, you may already follow, and some may be new to you!

Young House Love

If you haven't gotten on the Young House Love boat, you need to! John and Sherry are an adorable couple who make a living DIYing their home and blogging about it! They show you EVERY step of the process and are not afraid to make mistakes and talk about it! I have learned to much from them about DIYing but also about blogging! They are very open about how they do what they do, and I love it! Not to mention they are hilarious and I think we'd get along!

I mean, hello!! Look at this beauty!! They are amazing...check them out!! 

I am inspired by Sherry and her husband because they are so open about the journey of making their home uniquely theirs. I adore the colors they use in their house (I love me a pop of yellow) and their DIYing is so doable (is that a word?) Sherry also has a vinyl business ! (because she's not busy enough right?) that I have bought from and let me tell you...the girl is good! Not to mention Sherry is beyond precious and her girls are way too cute! 

I swoon over this picture gallery and how the colors in their pictures complement the yellow, cream, and turquoise colors in their house! Gorgeous! 

Jen over at IHeart Organizing is the organization guru! I thought that I was an OCD organizer...this girl has be beat big time! She not only organizes perfectly, but makes it look cheery and bright! I love how she just goes for it and uses those bright, amazing colors! I get so much inspiration from her, and we are currently planning a DIY project inspired by one of her DIY beauties! She is always my go-to girl when I need an idea for organizing a room in our home, but also for choosing colors for rooms and finding product ideas! Love this girl! 

Again, adore this yellow bedding, and I'm a huge sucker for a sunburst mirror! You have to go and check her out! 

Okay, so this is not a DIY blog, but a fashion blog that I just love! Kendi is like a sister that you can always go to for style advise! She shops at stores that I would actually know, and takes chances in her clothing! She taught me that you don't have to have a specific "style." Wear what you enjoy, and own it! I still stay inside my little bubble that I am comfortable with, but every now and then I go out of my comfort zone and usually am obsessed! Kendi also does a 30x30 remix, where she picks 30 pieces of clothing and mixes and matches them for 30 days. It shows you just how much you can recreate your own clothing! I haven't tried it yet, but maybe soon! And I have to admit, this exact situation has happened before: Wendel and I are going on a date night...I can't find anything to wear...I end up crying in the middle of our bedroom...Alex brings me my laptop and makes me go to my girlfriend Kendi for inspiration...I find an amazing outfit and Kendi saves the date night! My husband thanks you Kendi! 

Oh and did I mention that she is really precious!! Love her...oh and I bought these Steve Madden boots because she highly recommended them...and I do too!! They are a must have for your fall wardrobe! 

This is another style blog, that I'm am totally obsessed with! Not only is this girl stunningly gorgeous, but I love how much she loves her family! I bond with her in that way! But she truly does have amazing style! She is for sure more daring than I am in her style, but she gives me so much inspiration! However, Wendel now has some beef with her because she has gotten me obsessed with J Crew and Tory Burch...bad news bears! Still dreaming of the day when I can get a pair of those TB flats!! 

Oh that green is so gorgeous! And I love how she layers her watches with tons of bracelets! Pretty much I adore everything about her! Go check her out...you won't be disappointed! 

So if you know me, then you know that I adore throwing parties!! I love entertaining and putting together little details that make a party truly unique! This is where I get most of my inspiration! Chris is an entertaining guru and I adore her! She is constantly finding the new go-to entertaining supplies and styling inspiring parties! 

The gorgeous details in this Autumn party are endless! I also love how she always uses fresh cut flowers...which I am a huge believer of! An inexpensive bouquet of flowers from the market can make a party feel extra special. If you're planning a shower or party anytime soon, go to her blog and be inspired! 

This is the last of my favorite blogs (although I follow a ton more!) Six Sister Stuff is such a cute blog! They are six sisters (obviously) who live all over the place and this blog is how they keep up with each other! Cute, right? They mainly post amazingly, delicious recipes. Oh my word...I have tried so many and they are all amazing! Lots of quick, and easy meals and way too many delicious desserts! If I ever want to try something new, I head over to this blog and pick something fabulous! 

I made these delicious pancakes for our Easter Bunny Brunch...yes I'm that dorky wife who does dorky breakfasts for her husband! Let me tell you, they were amazing!! The recipes are endless...go and pick out one yummy recipe to make this week! Go! 

I had to add I picture of our Easter Bunny Brunch...complete with invitation, pastel milk, and stripy straw...I'm not kidding...I'm a dork! Oh and that's my niece Lily...precious right!! A family post is coming very soon! Just waiting to get some new family pictures back from the photographer! 

I hope you enjoy some of these blogs just as much as I do! What about ya'll? Any amazing blogs you are obsessed with? Share them with me...I'm always looking for more ways to spend my free time! 


  1. I love your picks! And am heading over to the links to check them out. I found your blog through Brooke Deneen and can't wait to start following it. I went to Samford too!

    1. So awesome! I love how people connect through blogs! Thanks for following!!