Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Our Story}

{Yes...I started this blog almost two months ago and was afraid to make it public...oh well! Here goes nothing!} 

This might be a bit boring to some people...sorry! But I thought people might enjoy hearing the background of how Alex and I became The Wendels!

Alex's Senior Prom 2005

Wendel and I met  in 2004 when I was a sophomore (15 years old) and Alex was a senior (17 years old) Can you believe that? We were babies! We were that super cliche high school sweetheart couple that met in youth group. Wendel was a super shy, slightly awkward soccer player and I was a loud, slightly obnoxious cheerleader who was totally 100% boy crazy! I started to notice Alex and had no problem at all chatting with him hoping to get his attention. Well, he was a typical boy and never-ever noticed! Eventually Alex figured things out, but let me down nicely by telling me that he was leaving for college soon and didn't want to start a relationship...BUT...(out of complete pity) "we could hang out sometime if you want." There it in! We hung out every single night watching movies, acting awkward, and slowly getting to know each other! Finally I was ready to make this thing "official." (shockingly...this was before the whole "Facebook official" thing...because this was before Facebook existed!) Eventually, after realizing that he actually had to ask me, Alex and I became boyfriend and girlfriend! How sweet right?  I have to be honest...I totally went home that night and told my mom that "I give it two weeks!" Hilarious right! Obvious we lasted a little more than two weeks...

Photo courtesy of a family friend Heather White 

Alex eventually headed off to college at Samford University (7 hours away from our home town) and we decided to try the whole long-distance thing. Amazingly totally worked for us! We both kept busy with school, and saw each other whenever we could. I think the longest we ever went without seeing each other was a little over 2 months.

A little Birthday photo shoot on Samford's campus with Alex's talented sister, Andrea

Two years later, I followed Wendel to Samford where we were able to spend two years enjoying the dating life (in the same state) and meeting some incredible southern friends!

A weekend trip to Atlanta with some friends 2007

Studying abroad in London 2008

Spring Break in Sarasota 2008

 Halloween Party at Barney and Thelma Lou 2009 

Samford Homecoming Fall 2010

Finally, the day before Thanksgiving of 2009 Alex proposed in front of both of our families (much more about them coming soon!)

November 25, 2009...Finally engaged! 

Alex eventually moved back to Northern Kentucky to work in tech support while I finished up my junior and senior years at Samford. In May 2011 I graduated with an Elementary Education degree, and in June 2011 we finally became The Wendels.

Photo courtesy of the incredible Amanda Egan of Sunny Studios

We are an insanely blessed couple and are giddy about our little married life! So excited about our adorable life currently, and thrilled for our future together!


  1. Yay for a blog! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more posts soon :)

    1. Thanks Mags! Now we can keep up with our crazy lives! I love keeping up with ya'll on yours! Praying for you and the boys!