Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{Wendel's Birth Week}

Wendel's birthweek was busy and so much fun! 

I went with a "5 year old boy" theme, so we did all things dorky and fun! 

We started out a week early with dinner with his parents! They were going to be on vacation for his actual birthday so they took us out for a special dinner! 

It was Saint Patty's weekend so I decked myself out in a green necklace and ring {and the spring was an added bonus!}

We went to Palamino downtown...we went there for a little Christmas dinner during our advent fun

Sorry it was so dark..but at least I snapped a quick picture! 

My sweet, precious in-laws!

They were playing Irish music on Fountain Square but we didn't stay long...it was freezing! 

Then on Monday we started birth week fun. Monday was filled with ninja fighting. 

Yes...real ninjas came and invaded our basement and we needed to take them out! 

You can't see them but they had masks on them to keep them extra sneaky. 

Don't worry though, we took them down really quick with our nerf guns! 

So then Wednesday we had a little obstacle course in the hallway...

The kids were over so they participated and it was quite the hit. 

Ya'll...so easy to make and such a blast! 

On Wendel's actual birthday {Friday the 22nd} I told him I would meet him for lunch...

Ya'll...he picked Frisch's...seriously? Hilarious! But we enjoyed the salad bar together! 

Then the real fun started! 

When Wendel came home there was quite the intense little situation. 

I had tied all of his presents to a piece of yarn and wrapped them all around the house. He would have to follow the string to find his presents...

We've decided THIS is the way to do presents! A new tradition has been started!  

Hard to see but it was quite a yarn mess! 

Wendel followed the string and found four fun presents! 

Then I prepared a little bourbon flight for him! I went and bought five little bottles of bourbons and then    I mapped out which was which. 

It was crazy...his favorite was still Woodford! He quite the bourbon pallet :) 

I mean come on...how cute are these little bottles? 

Then...my simple man wanted pizza and wings and a movie night.

Simple man I tell you...

We wrapped up birth week with family dinner! 

It was beyond perfect! 

So yeah...that was birth week for Wendel! 

What were ya'll up to this past weekend?? 

Monday, March 25, 2013

{Sorry For Slacking...}

Hey guys...so sorry I've been a blogger slacker lately! 

Last week was Wendel's birthday so we were busy with birth week fun! I'll be back tomorrow with a full post on the excitement! 

I also have a few projects we've been working on...and actually haven't even finished my Easter decorating {I'm not joking about my slacking!} 

So to make myself feel better :) Here are a few Instagram photos I haven't shared! 

We are beyond blessed to have these two in our lives to show us how to "do" marriage! We look up to them so much and love that they will go on date nights with us! 

Wendel and I did date night last weekend and it was just what the doctor ordered! We tried out a new restaurant {to us} Virgil's, and went to see a movie! Love these nights with him! 

Yup...rainbow pancakes on Saint Patty's day! 

We had a little day date with our two five year olds last week! We had a blast...they keep life fun and exciting! 

This week we are doing a beans and rive challenge, eating what most of the world eats all the time and then donating the difference to some local charities. So far so good, but we'll see in a few more meals! 

Okay guys...I'll be back tomorrow with some Wendel Birth Week fun! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

{Spring Clothes Cravings}

For lint this year {and last year} I gave up buying clothes/shoes/accessories. 

Ya'll it's so hard! 

It feels harder this year for some reason, but I cannot wait to go and pick up a few things I've been eyeing. 

The whole point of this is to save some money {or catch up a bit from Christmas} and give a little more to church...but really it just helps me realize how much I spend by picking up things here and there! 

Anyhoo...here are a few things that I've been eyeing!

1. Boyfriend Jeans : Loft

Totally obsessed with these jeans! They would be perfect to dress up and dress down! 

2. Pointy Toe Flats: J. Crew Factory 

These flats are absolutely classic and amazing! I've been dying over these for a while and with my teacher discount, they will be a little more affordable! 

3. Missimo V-Neck: Target

Under $10 and so soft! These are a staple in my spring/summer wardrobe, but I end up getting fresh ones every season because I wear them so often! They make great rags/painting clothes after :) 

4. Brown Casual Sandals: DSW
I saw these in the store and fell in love! They're a great price too! 

5. J. Crew Factory Gigham Button Up: J. Crew Factory

I love these shirts because they are thin and perfect for layering! I wear these all year long, but these feel extra seasonal in the spring! 

I always end up buying cheap flip flops and they break before the end of the summer. This year I would love to invest in a good pair that will actually last a few summers! And let's just be honest...Tory's are too pretty :) 

7. Eyelet Tee: J. Crew Factory

Is there anything for summery than eyelet? This looks so fresh and comfy! 

8. Cute Walking Shoes: DSW and DSW

Wendel and I get to go to Ireland with Wendel's family, and I'm looking for a cute pair of shoes to walk in a lot. So these are the two I'm drooling over currently! 

What things are you dying to add to our spring wardrobe? I'd love tips on some new things! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

{Bourbon, Eating, Not Lots Of Sleep}

Wendels' best friend from Samford, Theron, came to visit us over the weekend! 

Theron is not just Alex's friend, but he's like a brother to me and a flippin' ton of fun to be around! 

We had plans of going to a few stops of The Kentucky Bourbon Trail on Saturday morning...

So naturally we stayed up until 3:00 in the morning to wake up a few hours later :) 

Anyhoo...we hopped in the car with Wendel's parents and headed to Woodford Reserve

Woodford is set in the middle of a tiny little town in Kentucky and it is gorgeous! 

Most of the buildings look like this...very old and stunning! 

So all of the distilleries have tours but Woodford has ear phones that look dorky, but are amazing because you can actually hear what the heck they are saying. 

Love these two men...they are hilarious, entertaining, and awesome! 

The whole group!

Then we headed to Four Roses. I didn't really get any pictures of the actual distillery, but it's very Spanish in architecture. It's gorgeous...the tour wasn't as good at Woodford's, but it was still fun! 


Our typical weirdness....

And the whole group at Four Roses! 

Sunday, we headed to church and then the boys went to the shooting range {while I worked off some of what I ate that weekend at the gym!}

Thanks Thermo for the pictures! 

We highly recommend going on the bourbon trail! If your man likes bourbon, it would be a fun surprise to do for a Saturday day date to a few distilleries!! These are the only two we've been to, but we've heard Makers Mark is a good one too! We'll get there soon!

We adore having Theron in town and can't wait till we get him back up here again! 

How was your weekend? Do anything super exciting? 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

{Scarfin' It Up}

I am a little scarf obsessed! 

When in doubt I wear a scarf! 

I have been really obsessed with infinity scarves, but for some reason I am having a hard time finding them! 

So I decided to take a few of my scarfs, and turn them into infinity pretties! 

Ya'll it's super easy...ten minutes maybe! 

So let's get started! 

Here's what we start with...a gorgeous scarf {from I think Loft last year} but it's just not quite a "tailored" looking as I would like!  

All I did was stitch up each side {not necessary, but it makes it look for polished} 

Then put both sides together and connect the two edges! 

Easy peasy! 

Then I couldn't stop! 

I did quite a few more, but didn't take pictures of them! 

This is a great way to update some of those worn out looking scarfs! 

Oh and don't mind our half-finished Saint Patty's Day shelves...we weren't finished yet :)