Friday, March 1, 2013


A couple of years ago and didn't have a single purple item of clothing in my closet. 

There was no reason, I just  never seemed to come home with that color...

But last year Loft had this massive sale and I came home with something like five new purple sweaters!

So purple is my new color's the proof! 

These pictures were taken the same day...yup...the same day...two different outings.

Sweater: Loft {old} Gingham: J. Crew Factory {old} Jeans: Gap {recent} Belt: AE {old} Boots: Target {recent} 

Sweater: Loft {old} White Long Sleeve Shirt: Target {old} Jeans: Gap {recent} Boots: Steve Madden {Old} 

Love these outfits...I would change the white shirt in the second's pretty old and sort of wish I put a different top underneath. But I was on my way to a Super Bowl party so I didn't have tons of time!

Happy Friday!! I have some fun updates for next week {including our tile in the kitchen...eee!} And a few fun crafts I've been working on!! 

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