Thursday, February 28, 2013

{Building Gorgeous Display Shelves}

So as I mentioned Tuesday...we built some shelves. 

And we're obsessed! 

Ya' took us almost a month to make these. Just being honest. They shouldn't have taken that long, but we just got lazy and would work on them and then stop. Work then stop. Work then get the point. 

Anyhoo...we followed the House of Smiths tutorial...pretty much.

I'll give you all of the measurements as we go!

Here are some action shots...enjoy the thrilling ride people!

{I pray you can hint my sarcasm ..}  

Here we are once Wendel cut everything down to size using his miter box {this things a life saver with it comes to making things fit together!} 

Our measurements for the shelves are as follows: 

The top shelf is 50 inches and the bottom shelf is 38 inches

This is the paint we used...I'm not a huge paint snob but I'm sure that will change soon. This is just what we had laying around the house. 

Here we are after everything was nail together. There was a crack from where the trim and board met. So we filled it in and sanded the heck out of it! 

These corbels took forever to paint! So many edges and corners. 

We went to start hanging them and realized that you can see the under back down we went to paint the bottoms. 

Here we are {finally} once everything was dried. Wendel found the studs and got those suckers up there! 

We centered it between the corner of the wall and the window. 

The bottom shelf is 55 inches from the floor and the top shelf is 17 inches from the bottom shelf. 

After we screwed the corbels in, we filled in the holes and then sanded and painted them.  

Wendel working hard...oh yeah did I mention we made two for the kitchen too? 


Auburn made an appearance...

Here are the kitchen shelves...I haven't quite styled them yet. 

They are equal lengths of 19 inches long. 

The bottom shelf is 55 inches from the floor and then top shelf is 16 inches from the bottom shelf. 

So there you go! 

This will be where I do most of my holiday decorating! 

So the next couples of months will be holiday themed {St. Patrick's Day, Easter} and then I'll do a year round styling. 

I'll keep you updated! I'm working on the Saint Patty's day decor now and I'm so excited!  

Woo hoo for checking things off our to-do list! 

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