Thursday, February 21, 2013

{A Secret NYC Trip...Molly's Engaged}

Right before Christmas, I got an e-mail from my sweet friend's boyfriend, Rob. 

He was messaging a bunch of Molly's friends to let us know that he was PROPOSING! 


One of my best friends was getting engaged! 

Rob was inviting all of us to New York City {Molly's favorite city} to help him surprise Molly after he proposed. 

I was so in! I've never bought a plane ticket so fast in my life! 

I've never been to NYC, but I've been dreaming of going...and is there a more perfect reason to go? 

The hard part was keeping it a secret...for months...longest months ever! 

February 15, Wendel drove me to Louisville to meet up with another one of my best friends, Amanda. 

We hopped on a plane and headed to the "Big Apple" 

More than anything we were just so excited to have this huge secret off our chest soon! 

Wendel had us set up with a car to pick us up at LaGuardia and after an hour of car sickness {crazy NYC drivers!} we made it to our hotel! 

We stayed at The Millennium Broadway Hotel which was right next to Time Square...and {unintentionally} directly across the street from Molly's hotel! 

Enter minor panic whenever we were walking through Times Square! 

We pretty much had to lay low until Saturday evening where we'd meet for dinner and then the BIG surprise! 

When we got to the hotel, we met up with our other two friends, Camille and Terra. 

We all met our Freshman year of college at Samford University and have been best friends ever since! Love these girls and hate that I can't see them 24/7! 

Friday night, we met up with another Samford friend, Meg, who lives in NYC {you'll hear more about her in a moment} for dinner. 

We met at Max Brenner's which is really a chocolate place, but they have amazing food too {hello delicious mushroom and ricotta pizza} and of course...chocolate fondue of which we totally indulged in! 

Saturday morning, we got up early to check out the area. We were supposed to stay away from Times Square {because Molly and Rob were going to be shopping around that area} so we headed for the Soho area. We had a recommendation to go to one place...but it didn't open for brunch until was 9:00. So we walked around and found this precious place, The Cornelia Street Cafe. 

It was so cute and exactly what I'd imagined as an NYC brunch spot.  

Then we headed to China Town to do some shopping. 

Amanda was our person to find a less sketchy person to buy from. 

Here she is having a little chat with the sweet woman. 

After walking around more and some pizza in Little Italy...we were ready for some rest! 

On our way back to the hotel we found the lady herself...The Statue of Liberty...a smaller version :) 

We then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the big night! 

Here we are before heading out. Two of our friends couldn't home...sad day! 

Sara sent along her face...she's too cute! 

Here I am with Sara...pardon the bright cheeks and lipstick...bad lighting! 

Then it was time to wait! 

Rob had set up a lovely dinner at Sardi's where they would come for "dessert" after dinner...and boom...we'd be there! 

Megan Britt {our friend from Samford who we had fondue with} is an incredible photographer and offered to photograph the engagement! 

So I was getting the inside scoop from her! 

We got this picture via iPhone and knew it happened...our best friend was ENGAGED!

Here are some of the actual pictures of the engagement!  

Then we had to wait...

And here she is shocked to see 13 of her closest friends, her parents, and Rob's family! 

She's precious! 

One of my favorite pictures ever...I tear up every time! 

I was Facetiming with Courtney so she could be apart of everything! 

Side cute is this girl more than you know! 

And here is Molly talking with Court!

And talking with Sara...

And here is all of the girls that came for this big surprise! She has a lot of people who love her, right? 

It was such an incredible trip! 

We ended the time by having Sunday brunch at Pershing Square and walking around Grand Central Station! 

Then to the airport :( 

It was a fast trip, but so wonderful! 

Congratulations Molly and Rob! So thrilled for ya'll! 

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