Friday, February 1, 2013

{Dressing Up in Winter}

Yeah! Fashion Posts are back! I don't know why I stopped...I just forgot I guess...

But it's amazing how doing these fashion posts really force me to be more courageous in my clothing. I have great pieces in my closet...but sometimes I just ignore them and go to my old favorites!


So doing these fashion posts really help me to combine pieces that I wouldn't always put together! Plus with Instagram and all of the amazing fashion bloggers, I am constantly faced with inspiration {and jealousy for these people's clothing budgets!}


This weekend, Wendel took me on a date night to our favorite fancy restaurant and then for church I decided to get a little more dressed up than usual! 

So here were my looks from this weekend! 

Date Night Dinner

Top: Loft {recent} Shirt: Target {Clearance recent for $12} Evening Coat: Old Navy {Old}; Boots {Wide I have super huge calves...even after looking weight! This website is a life saver!} Tights: Target  Necklace: Loft {old} Rings: Target {Clearance recent for $3} Clutch: Forever 21 {old} Lipstick: Clinique Chubby Cherry 

Adore this chevron comes with a royal blue one too! 

And I wanted you to see this skirt up close...I love the wave-like texture. And I think this skirt will be great for summer too because it's cotton and not thick! Add some sandals and a tank top and we're ready for a date overlooking the river! 

Church Outfit

Top: Loft {old} Skirt: J. Crew {old} Coat: Nordstrom Rack {old} Boots: Wide Tights: Target

So what have I learned about myself from this post? I really like myself with lipstick! Shocking! All my second look is needing is some more blush and some lip! 

Other than that...these looks are very comfortable and cute!

What do ya'll think? Are you lipstick people? Do you look for opportunities to dress up or are you jeans all the way?


  1. Love both looks! The blouse in the second look is fab.

    1. I am totally geeking out right're one of my favorite fashion bloggers! So this means a lot! Thank you! I'm really in love with ruffled blouses right now...they just feel classy and spunky! Thanks for the comment!