Thursday, January 31, 2013

{We're Getting Tiled!}

As I shared here, one of the items we have been wanting to tackle for years is installing a back splash tile in our kitchen! 

And we're finally following through...woo hoo! 

We picked out two different tiles...

This one...

The glass and stone mix gal!
And this one...

The all glass modern beaut! 

Now let's chat a moment. I adore both of these...and feel they would both look amazing in our kitchen. But I am thinking about two things...

1. What will a future owner think? The realization is that we might not be in this house forever! So we need to make sure that we aren't picking a trendy option, but something classic. 

2. How will the tile clean? We cook a lot! And we need to make sure that we can keep this back splash clean and beautiful! 

So for clean-ability...the second option would be the way to go. All tile is much easier to clean and the stone in the first option could possibly change in bueno! If we're going for classic...the first option would be the way to go. All glass tile is not for's more modern and trendy. 

I have my personal favorite, but I decided to take it to Instagram to see what ya'll think! 

And it was overwhelming...the right option was the winner...

And it's so obvious!! 

So we're going with the right option!! Option one above! Woo hoo!! 

It's bright, fresh, classic, with a pop of pizzazz! And I love how the white in the stone brings out the white in our cabinets. 

We had Lowes come and measure, and on Wednesday we went and picked out the grout! 

Now why are we hiring this out instead of DIYing? 

Well there are a few reasons...

1. Enough people have told us horror stories to make us scared to death of DIYing! 

2. The materials cost a decent amount, and we would hate to mess it up and have to spend even more on materials and perhaps end up hiring it out anyways 

3. We're just not brave enough to tackle it on our own! 

I know a lot of people have done it successfully! But this tile is a glass and stone mixture which means more delicate cutting and complicated measuring! The stone tile cracks so easily and we just didn't want to take the chance! 

Plus, we had a bunch of gift cards {like the check out lady just kept swiping and swiping and swiping...poor girl!} 

So yeah...there you have it! Can.not.wait to show the end result! Eeeee!! 

Any exciting projects going on in your world? 


  1. Great choice! It seems to me that glass subway tiles are the biggest trend in tile right now. Also, as much fun as DIY can me, tiling for the first time can be scary. Especially if you're tiling a wall, and not a floor.

    1. Yeah I know! We're very excited to be hiring this out! Can't wait to show the after pictures!