Monday, January 28, 2013

{Meal Planning: Week 1}

So I love finding new recipes on Pinterst and adore seeing what people are cooking on Instagram. Then  I thought that maybe ya'll would enjoy seeing what the Wendels are cooking up in our house! 

So I'm going to try to start posting our weekly menus...feel free to ignore :) 

Now as I've mentioned, I am a detail person, and love me a list! So I'm sure you're not surprised that I plan out all of our meals on Sundays so we're ready for the week. We typically do our shopping on Sunday or Monday...

I make our lunches {typically turkey sandwiches, salads, cottage cheese and fruit, or my favorite PB&J} 

But for dinners, we like to experiment! And since Wendel gets home at 3:30, we cook dinner together pretty much every night...which I adore! 

So here's what we've got cooking this week! 

Monday: Lasagna Soup...beyond delicious and it's Weight Watchers friendly
Tuesday: Penne with Mushrooms and Spinach {this recipe has shrimp, but we didn't pick any up so we're just going all veggie with this dish!}
Wednesday: Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps {I've never tried this recipe..hopefully it's delicious!}
Thursday: Left Overs {we used to not have a left overs night and would throw away so much food! So we're starting to in hopes to be less wasteful!}
Friday: Pizza and Movie Date Night {we do this pretty often...we either order pizza or make it...I think this week we'll order it because I think we have a free pizza from Papa Johns...woo hoo!}
Saturday: We're taking my niece and mom our for a Sushi date night at Dancing Wasabi in Hyde Park! 
Sunday: Family dinner which we all usually throw together at some point on Sunday! 

So that's what we're up to this week in terms of eating! 

Does anyone have any amazing recipes we need to try? 


  1. I love doing this too...and is it weird that I already have Easter dinner planned, complete with my shopping list?!?!

    1. Haha I love it! I'm not that ahead...but I almost have Valentines figured out :)