Friday, January 18, 2013

{A Look Back At Our 2012 Home Goals}

Sorry it's been over a week guys! I'm telling you I'm still having a hard time getting into my routine from Christmas! Stupid excuse...but nether less it's my excuse!

So remember when we made some goals for home improvement in the year 2012? I thought you did!

Well let's take a moment to look back at what we got done...and where we slacked off a bit {or a lot!}

Our List Of Things To Do In 2012

1. Build A Desk For The Office {Check!}

We built our dream desk in the office, and we're obsessed!! Love, love, love it!!

Check out how we built this puppy here

2. Spray Paint Entry Chandelier {Slacker...}

We still haven't done this, so this will probably appear on our 2013 list! I'm pulling for just searching for a whole new chandelier...but I'll need to convince Wendel first!

3. Paint The Entry/Kitchen/Living/Hallway {Check!}

We painted, and painted, and painted until we couldn't paint any more! I don't think Wendel will ever buy another can of paint again...until our next painting project :) Here's what she's looking like as of today. We've still got a lot of decor things to accomplish and some lighting to add, but we're really happy with the color: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Color Matched by Lowes with Valspar.

Big difference from here right? And these were taken at the same time of day...hello more open and bright! 

4.  Install Tile Back Splash {Slacker...}

We're getting this one checked off the list soon {like getting all of the supplies this weekend soon!} We did, however, buy new tiles. So expect a full update on this fun soon!

5. Add A "Popping" Detail To Our Master Bedroom {Slacker...}

We still haven't done this, or even decided what we are going to do yet. We did however, paint...check that whole process out here!

Here are some of the ideas that we're toying around with!

Stenciling: I love the idea of a super graphic stencil to make our master bedroom pop! We won't do the whole bedroom, obviously, but just the wall that our bed is on. 

Or some architectural trim work. Love how this inexpensive trim makes this bedroom look elegant and amazing! Again...only on the wall that our bed is on. 

6. Do Something With Our Railing In The Entry {Slacker...}

Yeah...we haven't done anything here yet either. Still trying to decide what to do here...hopefully we'll tackle that this year as well!

I'm still loving something traditional like this though...

7. Build Some Pretty Shelves For The Kitchen And Dining Room {Slacker...}

{Boy oh boy...we didn't accomplish as much as I thought!}

I fell in love with these shelves from House of Smiths. I love the idea of having a spot in our house that I can decorate for holidays that will really made an impact. But we've got a Lowe's gift card with these materials written all over it! Here's what we're thinking though!! 

I loveee me some House of Smiths

And here's where I'm thinking of putting them: 

Two on this boring wall that are different lengths...

And two on this wall that are the same length for things like our blender and those knifes that could fall off at any moment {yikes}

8. Paint The Yellow Room {Slacker...} you see where this is going?

But I think that we're going to wait until a Little Bit comes into the world to paint this room. There's just no point in painting a room to then re-paint it the next year or so.

{It's ironic that I say that though because we did just that with half of our house...oh well!}

9. Organize Some Of The Closets That Have Gotten Out Of Control {Check}

We did a pretty good job of tackling a lot of spaces. Could I organize more? Always! But I'm happy with our progress! 

10. Pull Out Carpet On Top Floor {Big Fat Check Plus!}

This was a HUGE task, and we got this done!! Woo hoo!

Check that out here!

So that's what we didn't accomplish this year :) But the things that we did accomplish were I'm happy with that!!

Expect a full new list for 2013 that we'll hopefully be more intention with!!

Did ya'll get a lot of things done on your do-to list in 2012? Or are we the only list makers out there?

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