Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{A Shady Situation}

So remember that time when we were going to touch up our bedroom and we couldn't find the paint forever ago?

Yeah that was a bummer. But have no fear! The painting monster was here.

{Update...totally found the can...annoying!}

So as you can remember from this post {or not remember because it was wayyyy too long ago!} we were left with this messiness...


So since we were having to re-paint the entire room, we decided to do the whole shebang... 

We touched up the molding and repainted the ceiling. 

The REAL reason we decided to repaint the ceiling is because we never actually have. 

When we moved in, the ceilings were pretty clean. And they still are. But we figure while we're painting now, we might as well paint the ceilings! Silly, I know...but I'd rather do it now {sans little one} than later with a child busy at our feet. 

So a few days later {due to work/school/other commitments} we started on the painting! 

Shale by Benjamin Moore was the choice...

As you can see, we were in the midst of doing all of the edging. 

Then while I was finishing the edging and top of the wall, Wendel started rolling. 

Here we were after our first coat...kind of splotchy...

And the other side...splotchy again. 

A few hours later and we could finally do the thing we wanted to do in the first place...put up the curtains! 

I love how funky and colorful they are! 

So as you can see, we got rid of our headboard. It is actually broken and was driving us crazy. So we're excited to DIY an inexpensive headboard until we buy the upholstered bed of our dreams! 

I also have plans of getting rid of the dark brown accents and making the bedding all white, grays, and greens.

We also got rid of the TV. We just weren't sleeping very well with it in the room, and we really need to be reading more. So far, we are loving having it gone!

Notice the carpet excited for our big flooring upgrade! 

We have a LOT of accessorizing to do! NOTHING is on the walls as of now, so we need to get on that ASAP. 

Notice we still haven't put the electrical covers back's sad and ridiculous! 

Notice the headboard in the yellow room...need to get that in the basement! 

Here are the covers...just waiting to be used. I have a few that I need to replace, so hopefully we will knock those out this weekend. 

Obviously we've got more plans in the mix including a new headboard, some new art work, and a little furniture updating! 

It never ends right? And I love it! 

So, any updates ya'll are working on that are crawling along like a very tiny snail. Some projects fly by, and some just inch along. Oh well! 


  1. So I just tore up the carpet it my room (It was covered in dog hair from the last tenant that just wouldn't budge with a steam cleaner!) sanded the floor with hand sanders, put a mahogany stain on it, and then finished it! the process only took three days all together, but now everyone is getting giant splinters from my floor! Turns out the coating is not magic like I assumed, and now I have to start all over with a sand blaster!! Oh well, still better than that stinky carpet!

    1. Yeah we had thought we'd do it ourselves, but enough people told us not to that we started saving! They are actually coming this Tuesday to start! Woo hoo!

  2. I like it so far! I'm actually going in today to look at carpet samples for our bedrooms! Quick question-I'm also painting our master, and want a color like what is in your hallway-could you tell me what color that is? Thanks!

    1. Thanks! There's still a lot to go, but I have a blank slate! I'll check about the color...have to go and find the can, but I'll let you know ASP!

    2. I'M SOOOO sorry it took me so long to get to you! I'm sure you've already painted, but the color was Sumatra Blend by Valspar! Thanks!