Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{Pinterest Challenge}

Gasp...another post this week...and one tomorrow too! What has gotten into me :) 

Well we're at my in-laws for the week while our floors are getting  spa treatment! Can. Not. Wait! 

But anyhoo...that's not what I'm here! 

Young House Love {Did I mention I met them this past weekend? At their book signing in Cincinnati! I'll update on that Friday!} and Bower Power just posted another Pinterest Challenge for this week! 

The Pinterest Challenge was designed to push us to actually do some of the things we are pinning! So you pick something, and have one week to get it done! 

Well...remember that time I attempted a Pinterest Challenge {in July}...and then forgot? 

Yeah...totally forgot until a few weeks {more like two months} later when I went downstairs and saw this...

And this...

We've had this corn hole set for years, and it was getting splintered and yucky.

So I decided to re-do them. But only got to the sanding/ cleaning/ and priming stage. 

So...I'm going to do that this week {fingers crossed!} 

Hopefully they'll look something like this...

But not the stained color...a base painted color. 

It's going to be gorgeous and warm this week here in Northern Kentucky, so I'm hoping to knock this baby out in an afternoon/evening with Wendel! We'll see! 

Anyone else going to do this challenge? 

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