Monday, October 1, 2012

{Passion For Fashion: Teacher Edition}

Oh hey...

Totally forgot to post this on Friday! Then Saturday. Then Sunday. So here it is on Monday!



I think there is a common misconception about preschool teachers... 

You have to wear clothes "you're not afraid to get dirty in"...

I say bull honkey to that! {Yes...I just said bull honkey...I actually say it a lot in real life!} 

I have a huge passion for looking like a professional and truly being a professional in the educational world. 

I don't want to get on a full blown soap box, but I feel that educators don't view themselves as "professionals" as much as business people do. 

We need to! We are professionals...we went to school...we are qualified!

Act and dress like it! 

Okay...stepping off the soap box! 

So I'm aloud to wear jeans to school, so if you're not...sorry! Just add a pair of khakis or colored skinnies/pants to the bottom of these. 

I typically wear jeans/skirt with some sort of top and a sweater/jacket thrown on top. 

I wear a pair of flats or boots everyday and always have a fun necklace or earrings on! 

Here are a few of my recent favorite looks!

{Side Note: Total off photo taking day. Why is it that some days the pictures look great, and others I look like I rolled right out of bed? Oh well!}

A red polka dotted button up with a turquoise belt, flared jeans, and boots.

{Jeans: Loft; Button Up: Loft; Boots: Steve Madden; Belt: Target}

A  belted striped sweater with boots.

{Jeans: Loft; Sweater: J Crew Factory; White V-Neck T: Target; Boots: Steve Madden; Belt: Target}

This is by far the most casual you will ever me at school!  A checkered button up, skinny jeans, and brown flats. 

{Jeans: Loft; Checkered Button Up: J Crew Factory; Flats: Blow Fish}

Side note...our tree out back is only flowers in the spring. I think it's confused!

I hope your Monday zips by! 

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