Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{Fall Recipes}

Hey everyone...long time no post right? Sorry! I've been just keeping myself above water with all of the work/DIY planning! 

We have been researching {and researching some more} and working on getting things in order to do our big flooring re-do. 

It's happening this month...before Halloween...because we're hosting Halloween trick-or-treating this year!  

Nothing like a party to get your house in shape, right? 

So I'll be sharing details about that soon! 

I'll also be sharing photos of the master bedroom soon...all I have to do is snap the pictures {and pick up the clothes and randomness that is thrown about...}

But in the mean time, I wanted to share some of Wendel and mine's favorite fall recipes. 

I'll admit...I'm quite the cook. Love, love, love to be in the kitchen! 

We've been trying some new recipes this fall, and I have to share them with you! 

Obviously, these are all Pinterest you can check out my recipes boards, here are our recent favorites! Enjoy!

Omiword...go and make this now! It is so beyond delicious! I made some homemade croutons to go on top and let me tell you...Wendel and I could have eaten the entire pot! 

I made the croutons by dicing a hot dog bun {yes...honestly} and tossing it with a tiny bit of olive oil. Then baked them at 350 for 15 minutes or so. DELICIOUS! 

This will be my go-to chicken noodle soup! So healthy, homey, and delicious! I made a huge batch and froze half of it for another day! 

Chicken, rice, and cheesy goodness. Enough said right? 

Go make it...that's all. Just go make it! 

These are beyond amazing, and actually very easy! I'd never made stuffed shells, so I was amazed at how simple it was! This recipe makes a ton, so I end up making two casserole dishes and shipping them off to a family member! 

This is Wendel's all time favorite dish ever! If I know he's going to have a crazy or stressful week, I'll make this and he gets so excited! 

I think these might be my all time favorite thing! The sauce is so's the green chilies I think. So good! 

My go-to, super easy dinner. So healthy {vegetarian} and amazing. Sometimes I'll add shrimp to it, but this dish doesn't need anything! It's so good! 

Happy cooking!! 

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