Friday, October 12, 2012

{A Trip To Bham}

Wendel and I headed to Birmingham last weekend to see his best friend and head to an Auburn game. 

You know that saying "We now interrupt this marriage for football season...."

Yeah...that exists in our marriage. 

Wendel is an avid SEC and NFL football that means that Thursday-Monday is filled with football. 

Now it's not 24/7...he's not horrible, but it is kind of funny. It helps me get a lot of work done {while ooing and ahhing at the appropriate times} 

All of this to say, one of Wendel's favorite teams is crazy big fan! 

So, for his birthday {in March}, I got Wendel and I tickets to see an Auburn game in Auburn. The whole tail gating experience! 

So we headed down to Auburn with Alex's best friend, Theron {you'll head more about him next week...he's pretty awesome!} and his wife, Emily. 

We did some tailgating, experienced "Tiger Walk", got some Lemonade at Toomer's circle, and baked in the 1200 degree temperatures with 80,000 other people! 

It was a great experience...even though Auburn didn't show up and played terribly! 

Here are some snapshots of the day! 

The Tiger Walk! 

This is when the players walk into the stadium and everyone watches and freaks out. Pretty amazing to see some of the players Alex obsesses over in real life :) 

Toomer's Circle for the famous lemonade. So delicious and hand-squeezed fresh! 

Slowly burning while watching Auburn screw up the entire game...still worth it to see his sweet face! 

Oh hey gazillions of people who are sitting on top of each other. Why must we all sit so close is my only question? 

So happy to be in an air conditioned house, showered, and relaxing! 

We headed back early Sunday to celebrate with Alex's family for his grandparent's 60 wedding anniversary...but that's for another day :) 

This picture doesn't pick up all of the amazing colors in the hills of Kentucky. Love our beautiful state! 

Sad I didn't get a picture of us in front of the stadium, and no pictures of Wendel and Theron...I guess that means we'll have to go again next year! 

Hope ya'll are having a fun fall! What are ya'll up to? 

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  1. How fun! I love surprising my hubby with tickets to games and concerts that he loves. Coincidentally, most of our vacations usually revolve around these too :) Have a good weekend!