Friday, October 19, 2012

{A Public Proclamation}

I'm making a public proclamation that is going to make Wendel so very happy! 

No more clothes shopping for me until Christmas time! 

I know...shocking right? 

But I just got out all of my fall/winter clothes, and cannot believe how much I have! 

Like double the amount of my spring/summer clothes. 

So I don't need to buy anymore clothes for quite a while. 

I say until Christmas time for a reason, and I'll explain. 

Last year, I was so focused on making our first married Christmas amazing, that I didn't get anything special to wear for Christmas time...

First world problems right? 

But what this lead to was me trying to figure out what to wear for Christmas parties...ending in tears. 

So this year, I've vowed for this not to happen!

I'm going to get a few special things for the Christmas season so the tears are less don't exist. 

Now as I say this, I have a little bag from Old Navy because I wanted something fun for our Christmas card photo shoot this weekend...but after than nothing :)

It's the thought that counts, right?

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

We get to meet Young House Love tomorrow on their book tour...{enter high pitch squealing}

Happy Friday! 

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