Monday, October 22, 2012


So as you read this post, our floors are being re-done...

"Enter high-pitched squeal of excitement!}

This is one of the BIG things that is on our To-Do List for this year. 

As we have mentioned, we haven't done anything to our floors but steam it a few times, and with the previous owners being chain smokers, we felt like this was something we wanted to do before we have little bit's crawling around the house! 

Here was the problem...I like hardwood, and Wendel likes carpet. 

So we did a little compromise! 

Re-finish the hardwood underneath of the current carpet in living/dining/hallway. 

And carpet in the yellow bedroom, master bedroom, and office. 

Before taking up the carpet...everywhere, we had some researching to do. 

The main question being:  who was going to re-do the floors? 

At first, Wendel and I were being ambitious and thought we'd do them ourselves. Then, we decided that we didn't want to "mess up" something so big in our house. Especially with the stairs and closets being involved. 

So, we researched, and ended up hiring a family friend {and my wonderful assistant's husband!} Can't wait to see the amazing work he does! If you want his contact info, comment! 

Then, we needed to get some inspiration for the stain color of the hardwoods. 

As you can tell from our office desk, 

We like dark wood. But we also wanted a stain that was "sellable" just in case we sell our sweet home in a few years! 

So off I went to Pinterest for some's what we found! 

This is actually the exact color we JUST painted our living/dining/kitchen/hall/entry 

{Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore via Valspar in Satin} 

This color does look a tad grayer than ours though. 

But this gave us a good idea of what floor color would go well with this color wall. 

We love the darker areas and how clean and stream-line it looks. 

So, we will show "the floor guy" these and see what he says! We'll keep you updated! 

Then, we needed to check out carpets. I kind of let Wendel run with this one. 

I'm really not that picky of a person...shocking right? 

I'm a go-with-the-flow kind of girl! 

So when Wendel picked something he liked, I was all about it! 

The hard part was picking the right color! 

We took home this little ditty and moved it around to the other rooms to see what we liked/didn't like. 

We knew we wanted something neutral, and in the beige tones. 

But we ended up picking the color that was on the display at Lowe' was the perfect neutral shade! 

So...the moral of the story...

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday= Hardwood getting sanded, stained, and prettified. 

While our basement and kitchen look like this...

and this...

We'll be staying at the in-laws house for the week! 

Then, next Monday the carpet guys come. 

Then we are hosting Halloween trick-or treating {or trick-or-drinking if you're my father in law} at our house! 

Nothing like a party to get stuff done :) 

We're excited...thrilled...giddy...exhausted! 

I'll update as I can! 

Get ready for Wednesday, because I'm sharing a friend's {actually Alex's best friend to be exact} weight loss story! Prepare to be amazed and hopefully inspired! 


  1. We're getting new carpet in our bedrooms in a couple weeks, and I'm not really looking forward to having to move everything out of the rooms! It will only take one day though, so hopefully it's not too bad!

    1. Yeah the moving part it annoying, but it will be worth it! And I sware I'll get to you about the paint...we are at my in-laws while the floors get done!