Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{Striped Maxi}

I never used to be a huge fan of maxi's...I think it's because I'm 5' 8'' and they were always a tad short on me. 

But then l I bought this coral one I wore at Easter and for our Second Anniversary and I fell in love!

So I bought two more of the exact same dress for this summer...that's what us women do right? 

Find something we love and buy it in every color! 

Dress: Gap {$36 but this ombre one is screaming my name}
Jean Jacket: Madewell via JCrew Factory {similar}
Necklace: Ebay {similar}
Clutch: DSW
Sunnies: RayBan via
Bracelet: Tory Burch
Watch: Fossil
Earrings: Target

We almost passed over these woods but quickly turned around to snap photos in front of it. If I wasn't in a dress, I would have been frolicking about in there...until I saw a snake and then I'd be screaming my head off...

I have a quick secret for maxi's...spanks. 

If you're like me, you need a little something to smooth out your legs and hips...and spanks are just the perfect thing for that! 

I bought my pair at Target years ago and they're still hanging in there! 

So how do you feel about maxi's?

Love them? Hate them? 

Monday, April 28, 2014

{Let's Tile Ya'll}

Wendel and I went on a little tile hunting date night Friday to The Tile Shop and I think I may just move in! 

We have two spaces in our slowly-coming-together basement that we want tiled, and we're really excited to get some more DIYing going on down under! 

The two places we're looking to tile is above the bar and the sun-room floor. 

The bar is pretty darn boring right now...but when we install a tile back-splash with shelves built in, a big new fixture, dark wood counter {see picture below}, a sleek new sink/faucet, and build in the fridge...we should have a pretty amazing focal point of a bar! 

Here's the counter-top in the works. Just needs to be braced together and installed! I told you Wendel was pretty obsessed with staining wood. 

And this is real life for you...the remnants of the basement redo scattered about in the sun-room...and yes...there's a couch hanging out in there too! 

But we're wanting to tile the floor to make the room cleaner and more functional! 

However, those poles in the background are throwing us for a loop, but we're excited to take a class at our local The Tile Shop this weekend and ask a whole lot of questions! 

So here's what  we were oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over for the bar back-splash: 

Bright and cheery and reminds us of our kitchen back-splash!

Stainless steel penny heart just about leaped out of my chest! 

The sentence "it's just so smooth...I want to lick it" may have come out of my mouth...please don't judge my strangeness! 

So classic and pretty! 

Bright, modern, and smooth!

Rustic and manly!

We're just so confused about the direction we want to take the bar. Bright and clean? Sleek and modern? Dark and manly? The options are so huge at The Tile Shop...we're just a little overwhelmed. But at least we narrowed it down a bit...right? 

As far as the sunroom goes, we know we want to install tile that looks like wood...which means just narrowing it down to the color.

This was by far our favorite, it's just lighter than the other wood tones we have going on downstairs so we're just not sure! 

Anyhoo...we're excited to get some decisions made and get this show on the road! 

We've already decided on a few other things for the basement! 

Like the couch that was inspired by Young House Love

And a day bed for the sunroom inspired by Jenny Sue

We'll be picking those up within the next few weeks and I can't wait to finally get the basement functioning! 

Can't wait! 

What's been inspiring you lately? 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

{American Blogger}

Have ya'll heard about this movie? 

It's called American Blogger and it documents Christopher Wiegand driving all around the United States talking to bloggers.

Some of them I've heard of...some of them not so much. 

But boy did it touch me in so many ways! 

Most people in my neck of the woods don't get my blog. They don't get why I would share so much information into this huge massive void. 

And sometimes I wonder too.

Why am I sharing so much information with friends, family, acquaintances, and complete strangers? 

This movie reminded me of why I started this journey...and why, even through the tough times, I need to continue on. 

Blogging is all about the journey. Documenting. Sharing. Inspiring. And being vulnerable. 

At times, I feel the weight and pressure of this blog. And sometimes I feel completely bogged down by the feeling of inadequacy.

It's so easy to compare lives, and feel like you're just not doing enough...or what you are doing isn't good enough. 

But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I'm so thankful to have this part of our lives documented so we can remember.

I'm thankful for a husband who is okay that I share me/our dirty laundry on the web. 

I'm thankful for a husband who supports me, loves me, and takes care of me when I have break downs. 

And I'm thankful for a husband who constantly reminds me that I.Am.Good.Enough.

And I'm thankful for all of my followers.

Thanks for reading and mean a whole lot to me!  

American Blogger also put a pit in my stomach. 

A pit that has been there for a while, and creeps out every now and then. 

A pit that tells me that I need to share some tough stuff. 

As a blogger, you typically have lots of unpublished posts. 

Sometimes I have four or five posts in the works at one time. 

Right now I have one...and I think it's about time to hit publish. 

So once I get the courage to do that...I pray that it speaks to hope...or encouragement. 

I pray that I feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders to get that off my chest. 

And I pray that I get to publish another post in the future sharing the other side. 

So be on the's coming at you very soon!

Happy Sunday Friends! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

{Friday Five: Sneakers, Camping, and Work Out Gear}

Happy Friday Friends! 

I hope you all had a fabulous week! It was a pretty slow week here in Wendel-land, so this weekend is very appreciated! 

But let's not's my Friday Five! 

I have always been a fan of New Balance shoes. I had a few pairs in high school, and got a bright blue pair last year for our Disney World trip. These coral beauties have been on my eye for a few months so pretty! 

2. Camping Season

Wendel and I both love to camp...but sometimes it just ends up being in our backyard. Even that makes me such a happy...camper...punny punny, right? This long sleeve t-shirt is hilarious! I also love and have been swooning over this sweatshirt for quite some time! 

3. Mini Pinatas

If these aren't just the cutest things you've ever seen...I mean come on! I might have to whip up some of these for Cinco De Mayo...just for fun!

4. The Most Perfect Kitchen

I adore Jenna's blog and her tutorial's are perfection! She just showed off her newly renovated kitchen and it had been drooling big time! You must check it out! 

5. Old Navy Work Out Gear

I just invested in some new workout gear from Old Navy, and I'll be honest...I love it! I was a bit skeptical, but am totally amazed! I bought a few pairs of these capris, and three colors of these tank. I also bought this zip-up but it was in the wash when we snapped these photos. New workout gear always motivates me. Whatever it takes, right people? 

Well that's all folks! 

What are you loving right now? Tell me, tell me! 

I'll be back Monday with some inspiration for our's been a slow process...but we're getting there! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

{Baby Gift For A Far Away Mama}

I have a sweet college friend who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Monday! 

This is the first baby in our group of friends and we are so so excited to snuggle that precious little one at all of the summer weddings!

She lives pretty far away from all of us, so we decided to send a little gift before the baby arrived! 

Here's what we included: 

-Gift cards to easy, fast restaurants 

Typically when someone gives birth, I make a meal for them to enjoy...since we couldn't do that, we sent a few gift cards to places her husband could run and get for fast dinners and lunches

-Some cozy, fun socks

When you're in the hospital, I hear it can be pretty chilly, so some fun socks can her her toes warm while she's snuggling little one! 


Let's be matched the cute pink and yellow theme

-Baby headbands 

These were too precious...I just couldn't pass them up! Soft, and perfect for sweet baby girl! 


We're just guessing that little one will have blond hair because mommy has beautiful blond hair. This doll was so soft and seemed perfect 

Wrapping everything is pretty pink made everything festive and fun! I hope it was an exciting package to open and that she enjoys everything we included! 

We have quite a few friends having babies soon, so what are things that every new mama needs?
Help a friend out! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

{Easter 2014}

You all know I love me a holiday! Easter is special, because it brings this new glorious season and the excitement of summer around the corner! 

This year, the weather actually acted like spring time, and it was perfect! 

We did Easter egg hunts outside, relaxed in my sister's back yard, and just enjoyed being with family! 

Here are a few snapshots we were able to collect! 

This man is my rock. He is supportive, loving, forgiving, and oh so sweet! 

My beautiful and flippin' smart niece! She'll be gone for 5 weeks this summer at a scholarship program and I cannot wrap my head around it! Next summer she'll be off to college. Crazy town! 

My rock star sister with her two middle children, Daniel and Elizabeth.

My absolutely stunning and perfect mother and my sister's youngest, Lily. 

Cheesin' big time! 

Madre with my youngest nephew, Charlie. Poor guy is right in the middle of three girls but he handles it like a champ! 

Stud muffin! I told him we would show his future girlfriend this picture one day and he quickly responded with an "ew"...hilarious. 

My sister's family! 

The girls! My sister-in-law, sister, madre and me. Didn't snap a picture of my brother's family, but they are obviously gorgeous and awesome. 

And somehow we snapped this pretty perfect shot of the whole group via my camera's timer! How in the world? It was God...we know it! 

We hope you all had a blessed and perfect Easter! 

And I didn't forget...the winner of the SaSea Decor giveaway is Rashelle Biser! Congratulations!

E-mail me at and I will connect you with Katie to get your $25 gift certificate!! 

Thanks for reading friends!!