Friday, May 31, 2013

Our Disney Adventure: The Beginning

There will be three parts to our Disney hold on's kind of a long ride! 

Wendel and I decided when we got married that we wanted to take a trip to Disney before we had kiddos, so we could make memories to share with them someday! 

We had a very short window in between Wendel's spring and summer term of his masters classes to head to Disney, and we booked pretty early to get the best possible price. 

A lot of people have asked how we found a good deal at Disney, and all I have to say about that is to try to be flexible and go on off days. We flew down on a Friday {when most people were leaving} and then flew home on a Wednesday. we are before we left with my handy dandy chalkboard. 

This was our first trip by ourselves since our honeymoon so we were overly excited to spend some quality time together! 

I just loved our little Disney tag. I also put some bright colored ribbon on the handle to help us identify our normal looking black suitcase. 

This was also the first trip that we have checked a bag...and it was glorious! 

We got there and got on the Disney Express to head to our hotel, The French Quarters! 

We didn't take tons of pictures of the hotel, but it felt just like New Orleans. There was music playing throughout the property that made you feel like you were on Bourbon Street!  

These little guys were everywhere! 

This was the entrance to THE pool...ya'll...the pool was phenomenal! 

There was a dragon snaking its way through the pool....

And you could walk to the top of it! 

And there's the dragon's head...with a water slide on it's biggie. 

There was also a little trio in a clam to keep us company...

And a smaller kiddie pool for little bits! 

So I didn't quite document this through pictures...but this picture pretty much sums up how I felt at 
9:45 PM the night we got the Disney. 

To make a very long story short...we were trying to get to Downtown Disney for dinner from our resort and got on a bus {which we learned a few hours later that there is a boat that takes you directly there...} anyhoo...the bus didn't take us there. We got to Epcot and tried to catch a bus back to our hotel and by 9:45 we were eating dinner at The French Quarters. I was so tired and stressed that Wendel had to literally pick out everything for dinner and where to sit because I was extremely overwhelmed! 

I got myself some dinner, a Mickie rice crispy treat, a shower, and some rest and I was ready to go the next morning! 

Our first day was spent at Hollywood Studios! 

Little funny story...the VERY first thing I remarked on was a squirrel...really? Not the crazy Disney World-ness? 

Wendel and his family are big time Andy Griffith this was pretty exciting! 

Smooches for Andy! 

We fit a whole lot in our first day! And it just worked out that everything was starting as we were walking in so we didn't really wait for anything. We got a fast pass for Tower of Terror and that's about it! 

Some Beauty and the Beast and a little snack! 

It was Star Wars day at Hollywood Studios....I wish you all could have seen some of the craziness we did. Lots of adults dressed up ridiculous and Star Wars characters walking was entertaining! 

But the best thing to come out of Star Wars day was this cupcake. Ya' cupcake I've EVER had ever! It was chocolate peanut butter and it was insane! The other was toffee and it was delicious too but I'm still dreaming of this cupcake! By far my favorite dessert I had the entire time in Disney! 

Okay...enough about cupcakes...mmm....cupcakes...

We were loving all of the {indoor} 3D things! Our first day was our hottest, so we were thankful to come inside for some reprieve! 

My brother lives in San Fran and wanted us to come and visit...this was kind of like visiting right? 

This was Wendel's favorite...the stunt show....

A Mickey pretzel to tide us over until dinner...

I was too over whelmed by the fact that it was actually raining over the umbrella to actually pose...

We wanted a picture with Mater...but didn't want to wait in a line. So enter random kid...and Mater! 

Some random other of my favorite pictures from the whole trip! 

We ate at the 50's Prime Time Diner for dinner...

{Side shirt totally started bleeding. I mean I know I was sweating a bit but not THAT much! Annoying! And when I washed it it completely bled and now I have a pink shirt with what looked like a bow at one time on it...$25 people...stupid! }

Wendel and I eat VERY healthy and clean, so splurging on vacation was exciting! I had the olive oil poached salmon...pretty much solely so I could get the garlic mashed potatoes :) And what is not pictured is the MASSIVE brownie sundae! Mmmmmm....

Then it was time for Fantasmic...with our little Irish friend behind us :) 

It was so magical  ya'll...I cried a little during it! I couldn't believe we were really there! 

And here's a little overview of our trip. Notice the cupcake got the middle square...big deal ya'll! 

Stay tuned for our next episode on Monday! 

Have a fabulous weekend!! 

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