Monday, June 3, 2013

{Our Disney Adventure: The Middle}

Our first day at Disney was an absolute blast...but the adventure had just begun! 

Our second day was at favorite park the last time I came! 

It was so exciting, because we just happened to be there the last day of the big garden show presented by HGTV. There were Disney character shrubs everywhere, so it made me excited to get home and work in our very own garden! 

We even had the opportunity to hear David Bromstad from Color Splash on HGTV talk about using colors in your home. Color Splash is one of my all time favorites on HGTV, so it was such a fun coincidence to hear him speak! 

I just about died over this succulent flower...I mean...come on! 

Let's just take a quick moment to discuss how to fit everything in! These little free maps are a life saver. Right when we entered the park, we would snag one of these puppies and circle everything we wanted to get done. Then we would check them off {I'm a list person people...even on vacations!} as we went! I was the keeper of the list, and believe me...I was in love! 

We got to see Nemo and Dory...

Mary Poppins... 

Sleeping Beauty...


And Mexican themed Donald :) 

We quickly learned that this was the place to meet characters, and you better believe I brought myself a little, tiny notebook {you'll see it in my hands in most character pictures} for them to sign...I'm a 5 year old at heart people! 

We stopped for some lunch at the French Bistro in France and I was in heaven...that delicious! 

This was probably our most tired day. It was a little rainy this day and our adrenaline had slowed I was very close to pulling the "homeless person" and take a little nap on a bench...

But thank God for Mexico and it's little indoor haven where we could play around and pretend we were napping on a beach in Cabo ;)

After dinner {which was at the outside Mexican restaurant and was DELICIOUS!} it was time for fireworks and then heading back "home" 

Our third day was for Animal Kingdom and pooling! 

We knew that there wasn't a full day's worth of fun at Animal Kingdom, which was just fine with us, because we really wanted to enjoy our hotel's pool! 

So we fast passed the Safari, and then explored until our time! 

One of my favorites was the Bug's Life show inside of the Tree of Life!  

This little lady came out of no where and scared the beJesus out of us...but I could have watched her all day long! It was really beautiful! 

We just couldn't get over the little world that Disney has created here! We truly felt like we were transported to another part of the world! It was stunning! 

I'm a little Lion King crazy, so this was a must see! We barely fit this in, but I'm so glad we did because it was phenomenal! 

Then it was time for the Safari! I was totally awestruck! Who knows if we'll ever be able to go to Africa and go on a real Safari, but I felt like I was really there...for 30 minutes or so ;) 

Before heading back to our hotel for lunch, we snagged us a Mickey ice cream! I was a tad obsessed with the Mickey shaped snacks!! 

Then it was back to the hotel for an afternoon of swimming! Didn't really take any pictures imagine us splashing around like 5 year olds...imagining? Great! 

After swimming, we took showers and got ready for dinner in Epcot at the French restaurant. It started raining on our way in, and we were SOAKED! No picture for proof, but I could literally ring out my dress! But when we came out of dinner, we were greeted with a beautiful rainbow! I'll take it! 

We didn't stay for fireworks that night. We headed back to the hotel and relaxed and enjoyed our little life! It was wonderful! 

Okay...I'm off to do some shopping for our second Anniversary tomorrow!! Stay tuned for the final Disney post on Wednesday, so I'll have a special post tomorrow for our anniversary!! 

Happy Monday!

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