Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{Elk Creekin' and Memorial Lakin'}

A few weeks ago, Wendel and I ventured to Elk Creek for a day of fun with his family. His sister and brother-in-law were in town for Memorial Day, and we had an absolute blast! 

Elk Creek is in Kentucky, about an hour and a half away from Cincinnati. They have a winery, a wedding venue, and a pigeon shooting course. 

We started out the day by hopping in some golf carts and doing some clay pigeon shooting. 

Now, as many of you know from last time, I am not an excellent shooter. I thought maybe this would change over time...not so much...

Andi {Alex's sister} was a natural! 

Me...not so much. I didn't get a one ya' was embarrassing. I've decided that shooting gets me so frazzled. All of my senses are screwed up {glasses so I can't see great, ear buds so I can't hear anything} and so I go into freak out mode. I may have started to get weepy so I stopped shooting. Not for me people...not for me! But I will tell you...I know how to use and load a gun you come to hurt my family...I will be ready!

But the boys rocked it! Braedon here totally put all of us to shame! 

"G", my father-in-law was of course amazing...

And Wendel...that man can shoot! 

And my mother-in-law was amazing! "G" was totally dancing around so proud that she was his wife! 

Since shooting was a fail for me, Wendel was a man and let me drive! Thanks babe!

Then it was time to walk to the winery for a wine tasting before dinner. 

Like I've said before, I don't really drink, but I enjoyed tasting some different wines...and of course the company! 

The original Wendel four! 

We even got to watch a wedding! It was beautiful, and the rain held off for them, but it was chilly! First Memorial Day I can remember in years where I was wearing a jacket! 

Then it was off for dinner! And yes...that's a Christmas tree in the May...

It was wonderful! We had an amazing time and can't wait to go back again someday! 

Memorial Day was spent at some of our family's lake house...thankfully mu mother-in-law snapped a few pictures!! 

Yeah...that's my husband...on the roof...getting a football down...future father of my children people...

So now I'm pretty much caught up! I have some outfit posts coming up, and some updates on a few big and small projects going around on our home! 


  1. I have to admit, I have followed your blog for some time but have never left you a comment...seems really silly. Any woo..I live in Cincinnati and after reading this post about Elk Creek I can't wait to plan a visit with my husband. I had heard about it before, but now I really want to go! Thanks!

    1. Haha well thanks for reading! I really appreciate it! You'll love Elk Creek! It's beautiful...would definitely be a fun day date with the husband! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I love shooting clays. I've only been once about a year ago and I had a blast!! I was very intimidated when I first went because I was shooting with my friend and all her older brothers and their friends were their and they are GOOD. But I ended up trying it and had a blast. I didn't hit all the clays but I ended up not half bad by the end of the night. Practice Makes Perfect :)

    Have A Great Weekend!

    1. You're right! I think I need to go to a shooting range and practice a bit...but we'll make a trip back again soon for sure! Thanks for stopping by!