Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{Our Disney Adventure: The End}

Thank you so so much for the well wishes on our second wedding anniversary! We had a wonderful day, and I'll share more this week! 

Today is our last Disney post...and I'm kind of sad about it! I've loved re-living our trip through these posts! 

Our last day was spent in the Disney park...Magic Kingdom. 

This wasn't really a "save the best for last" thing, but we could only get reservation for Beast's castle {Be Our Guest} on our last night at 8:50 in the evening! Nuts! 

So Magic Kingdom was our last park, and it worked out just peachy! 

I had this cute shirt {which meant I had strangers reading my chest all day}and had planned on buying Minnie ears to wear...but I didn't end up buying any. I figured I could get some cheaper online...yes...I'm "a saver"...which you could also call cheap!

I have a MAJOR thing for balloons, and just about died whenever I saw someone holding a bundle of balloons! Wendel almost bought me one...but ya'll...$10.00! No thank you! 

Dumbo...of course!

Tiki Room...

The Haunted Mansion... 

Dessert...every meal...just about killed me! 

The new "castle" in Fantasyland...AKA a giant rock mountain with a tiny plastic castle on top :) 

The teapots were broken...sad! And please notice the little rabbit in the background...

Buzz Lightyear ride...

After heading back to the hotel for a short nap and showers, we came back just in time to see Mickey!! 

We also got to see Ariel before dinner. You see Ariel getting a little hands-y with Wendel...look at how terrified he looks...bless him! 

FINALLY it was time to dine with Beast...and I.Was.Excited! 

The "castle" was all lit up...beautiful! 

Ya'll I was in total shock the entire dinner! Everyone was incredible! This was one of the dining rooms...the ball room where Beast and Belle danced at the end of the movie...

But we ate in the West was so fun!

Beast made his rounds to make sure everyone was being taken care of! 

This is the dessert cart that would come around...again...loved the desserts! 

The napkin was folded like a rose...and sorry about the terrible lighting! Dark rooms and iPhones do not mix!

And you bet we tried the grey was delicious :) 

Then it was time for our picture with Beast...

And then we sprinted off to Wishes!

After Wishes, we stayed late for the last Electric Parade of the night! 

It was the perfect way to end our trip! 

We were sad to leave the next day...but ready to get back to our "normal" life! 

See you soon Disney...with little Wendels in toe!

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