Sunday, June 9, 2013

{Couples Shower}

We few weeks back, I co-hosted a shower with Alex's mom. Some people may call that a shower with your mother-in-law? We've done it twice so far, have another in a month and we are quite the team! 

We didn't have a really strict theme, but it was a couples shower, so it was going to be chill and fun. 

We had everyone write a little well wish on a Jenga piece for the happy couple. Ryan and Kate are big game people, so we figured this was the best "guest book" we could do.

We got some very...interesting responses...

My favorite was "only fight while naked"...pretty amazing idea if you ask me ;)

I made ginormous cookies {using this far my favorite cookie to make!} for people to take home with them. 

Mason jars for our signature drink..."The Kate

Like I said, this shower was very laid back and I loved it! Everywhere you looked, there was a conversation going on here and there, and all groups of people mingled well which is not the case sometimes at showers...

Yup...that's my father-in-law...

We did played a few games :) Come's not a shower without games! We played "The Shoe-lywed" game. Very simple. Bride and groom gets one of each pair's shoe and they are sitting with their backs together. Then they get asked questions like "who decides where they are going for dinner" and they lift up whoever shoe most signifies that question. 

It was fun and hilarious! 

You'll notice everyone holding little sticks with lips/mustaches on them...well everyone predicted their answers before the bride and groom answered. It was fun to see how well the audience knew the couple...and everyone had them pretty well pegged :) 

Then it was gift time! 

After gifts, we did an ice cream sundae bar. My mom has collected tons of vintage ice cream bowls so we used the heck out of them!! I was surprised...people chowed down on this! 

It was the perfect, simple, and fun shower! I think everyone enjoyed themselves! The food was totally gone, the alcohol was pretty much gone, and the ice cream was licked clean! Lots of laughing and good memories!

We're excited for the wedding at the beach in a few weeks! Eeee! 


  1. I get along great with my MIL too, and have co-hosted a shower with her as well with no problems! LOL. Looks like a great shower!

    1. Doesn't it make life easy when you enjoy being with your in-laws? I've heard some horror stories! I'm thankful!