Sunday, May 5, 2013

{Twitterpated: A Very Full and Fun Weekend}

Wendel and I had a jam-packed weekend of productivity and fun! 

Friday night we did some gardening. We had a big flower sale at school so stocked up on some annuals and we picked up some perennials to add to our cutting garden from Lowe's! We've also had a bunch of mulch in our drive way for almost two weeks so we had a lot of work to get done! 

In the end, we only got the grass cut, some weeding done, and the mulch spread, so these pretties are still on our front porch ready to be attended to this week! 

May is birthday month in my family because both of my brother's have birthdays in the first week of May! 

My sister-in-law planned a little surprise dinner at Mitchell's Fish Market for my brother, Scott and it was wonderful! This is the best "surprise" picture I got! 

After dinner we all headed to see Iron Man in 3D! Highly recommend it! 

Here are a few outfit shots from Friday night! 

I wore this dress for's comfy, easy, and springy! 

Dress: Loft  Flats: Tory Burch  Bag: Fake Tory Burch  Bracelet: J. Crew Factory

We got my brother two small cheese boards that are in the shape of Kentucky and Ohio. He loves to entertain and do wine/cheese parties so they were perfect! And with my brother being from Kentucky and my sister-in-law being from Ohio, it was the perfect paring! Wish I would have snapped a picture of them! 

I decided to "break in" my new rainbow sandals last week on a walking field trip to the post office...bad idea! My poor feet will have blisters for weeks! 

Sunday was a very exciting day...we went to the butterfly show at Krohn's Conservatory

We went a few years ago and caught these fun pictures so we were determined to catch a few again this year!  

They were so much harder to catch this year! The last time we went, they just flew up on your head and plopped right down...this time we had to do a little chasing :) 

I wore this bright yellow shirt thinking they would think it was a flower...but they must have thought it was the sun because they weren't interested...and it made me sad. 

Evidently these were butterflies that originated from Morocco so they had this little Morrocan photo booth. But hey...any chance for a photo booth and I am so in! Luckily Wendel loves me enough to grin and bear it!  

Finally...after a lot of chasing, I got one! It landed on my mother-in-law's jacket and we were able to get it on my finger! 

They gave us these "flower" coasters to use, but these butterflies wanted nothing to do with them!  

Ya'll they were so fast! I mean when Wendel was taking this picture a butterfly was on my jacket but by the time he snapped, it was long gone! 

There were two butterflies that were precious! They were flipping around with each other like they were all twitterpated in love! 

We ended our Cinco de Mayo Sabbath with a nap and dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. 

Loved every second of this amazing weekend! Now for a busy week of finals {for Wendel} and end of the year slideshow finalizing {for me} stuff! 

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