Wednesday, May 8, 2013

{Flitter Flutter}

As you could tell from from our Butterfly Show trip, I've been quite obsessed with butterflies! 

Our class "grew" butterflies in our classroom, and have since been 100% mesmerized! 

So when it came to completing the Spring Pinterest Challenge...I couldn't help but emulate Farm House 38's butterfly wreath. 

Ya' took 15 joke! 

I took a little after school trip to Michael's and thanks to my teacher's discount, I came out with $15.00 worth of butterfly wreath goodness! 

Here's what I needed: 

1 Grapevine Wreath
1 Box on Large Butterflies
1 Box of Small Butterflies
Glue gun 
Wire cutters 

As you can tell by the picture below, these butterflies came with long wires attached  I guess you could have just wrapped the wires around and through the wreath, but I didn't want wires poking out everywhere, so I opted to snip those wires and hot glue them! 

And here you have pretty, pretty butterfly wreath!  

We have gotten so many complements on this lovely and I'm just obsessed! 

On a side note...I am in love with this door and am trying to convince Wendel that this is the door for us...color and all! 

What do you think Wendel?

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