Sunday, April 20, 2014

{Getting Mexico Ready: My Plan}

Happy Easter Friends! 

First off...there's just a few more hours in our SaSea Decor giveaway! Make sure to go and enter! We will announce tomorrow morning! 

I'll also be back tomorrow morning to share lots of pictures from Easter, but tonight it's all about two special numbers...


82 days until we leave for Mexico...and I feel so no ready to get in a bathing suite. 

Long story short is that I got off of birth control and gained like 5 lbs immediately...freaking hormones. 

Then those 5 turned into 10...

And in almost a year 10 is almost to 15. 

The really strange thing is that I've gone down a size in pants...who knows! 

So starting tomorrow, I'm making a plan to slowly get this excess weight off of me and tone up! 

Now why am I sharing this plan? 

Ya'll keep me accountable! And typically, when I say something on the bloggesphere...I make it happen. 

Fingers crossed! 

Here's my plan: 

1. Track With The Weight Watchers App

As some of you know, I lost 43 lbs with WW before our wedding and still have the app because I'm a lifetime member. I haven't been using it, but it helps to keep me accountable and track of what I'm eating. 

2. Work Out More Intentionally

I work out about 5 days a week, but feel like my workouts have been kind of pointless. I haven't been super motivated to push I'm going to do a few things to help me stay on track. Here's my workout plan: 

- Some Type of Cardio 7 days a week

I know that may seem ridiculous, but this could mean a walk with Wendel, a 20 minute DVD, or a spinning class. Just something physically active, because I know myself and know that I feel better when I've been active. 

- Tone It Up's Beach Babe Summer Arms and Bikini Abs 5 Days A Week

I absolutely LOVE Tone It Up's Beach Babe DVD! They have cardio workouts that are quick and super effective. But there are two workouts that I am going to do 5 days a week: the bikini abs and summer arms workouts. They are quick and simple, and I'm hoping they will help to define my muscles! 

3. Sugar ONCE A Week

I luuuuuurve sugar. So much! But it is absolutely pointless in your diet. There is no nutritional value at all. However, I know it's ridiculous to totally deprive myself. So once a week, I'm letting myself indulge in something sweet. It could be a scoop of ice cream, a brownie, a doughnut, or a cupcake...but just once a week instead of once a day :) 

4. One Cheat Meal A Week

I'm not perfect, so allowing myself to have some pizza, or indulge in something cooked in butter is just how life is. I'd prefer to plan on it and prepare for it rather than beating myself up when I do! 

5. Buy A Goal Dress

I did this when loosing weight the first time, and it worked great! Seeing it hanging up was the perfect motivation, and it was so exciting when it finally fit. Now with full disclosure, I'm already a size 6 in pants and dresses, and I have no desire to go down another size. I just want to tone maybe I'll buy a dress that showcases my arms or back which is something I wouldn't normally do.

6. Give Myself Grace

I'm not perfect...I know. So when I mess up, I need to be okay and move forward. I'm good at being hard on myself. I love Emily Ley's saying, "Grace...Not Perfection" 

So there we go! I'll try to keep you posted and see how everything goes! I'm going to measure myself also so I can keep track that way! 

And because I need all the motivation I can get, and don't like to motivate myself with celebrities...I'll motivate myself with pictures from our honeymoon when I felt pretty good about myself! 

Do I look perfect? No. Is it a littler terrifying to put these on the blog? 100% YES! But hey...what the heck? 

Okay and I swear I have a top on here...we're not'll have to trust me :) 

Have a great rest of your Easter Sunday! 

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